10 Video Games That Punish You For Rage Quitting

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With how much the gaming industry has advanced in the past generation, we are now blessed with the opportunity to play all sorts of games with people from all over the world. Whether they are fighting games, first-person shooter games, or party games, there are nearly endless ways to play thanks to online multiplayer.

However, with the addition of online play come some caveats. The big one is that there are many people who are better than you at certain games. No matter what we do, there are going to be people better than us and worse than us. It is infuriating when those who are better than you at a game talk down to you and treat you like a noob instead of giving you pointers to improve your game. It’s incredibly rare to find that nice veteran player because why would he give anyone tips if he’s dominating the lobby? This leads to many people getting obliterated within seconds, and many get so frustrated that they just quit the game on the spot. “Rage quitting” has become a common theme among many popular online games and some local ones as well. Since more and more people are having trouble controlling their anger when playing video games, many developers are beginning to issue penalties for rage quitters because it dampens the experience for other people in the process.

Get ready to sign up for you anger management courses because in this video, we will be looking at 15 games that punish you for rage quitting. Enjoy!


36 thoughts on “10 Video Games That Punish You For Rage Quitting”

  1. so that is why i could not go online in smash bros for a total of 1 hour! i disconnected because the wifi preformance dropped to 0KB per sec and i couldn't do anything but to close the software because the match stopped working and i couldn't quit it. RIP (fun fact: 35% of the time i just obliterate my opponents in the game! xD)

  2. Leave penalty in ranked matches seems…fair enough. But in normal online matches in every game and those gaming companies who are banning every gamers’ accounts for leaving? C’mon! this is the stupidest shit I’ve heard in gaming history. As a huge gamer fan, this literally hurts my trust to the gaming world. We all know and understand that there are those who abandon matches for being bad at the game, or mad, or have bad internet, they should at least deal with it since it happens to other games with the same issue like Call of Duty, GTA, Fortnite, Battlefield, etc. Even I, along with other gamers, still deal with it and went on with the progression and sometimes win matches without team members. Also, what if someone had something important to do? At least in Call of Duty they find another player to replace the team and take the previous player’s place for the team. Also, if it’s something like a 1v1 match and the winner gets awarded with boost awards, at least give that to the winner, or the one who is still online playing the match instead of torturing that player to look for another online challenger and waste time with the other player who left the match. And BTW, life in every video game isn’t GODLY important. We live and play them for fun, communication with other gamers, and experience. This is something that shouldn’t be taken seriously 24/7. And BTW, games like Overwatch does have a bit of fair leave penalty since it doesn’t affect account, but XP stats. Now, that is something at least fair enough to be punished by instead of either taking away or suspending someone else’s account, unless that person is toxic, or a cheater. Also, I wouldn’t have a problem with free time I have and work hard in getting my stats back up cuz I leave a match earlier. And BTW, unlike League of Legends, thank god of one of the MOBA games like Mobile Legends Bang Bang has a credit score system that awards you battle points for being a good sport and if you’re a bad sport, they lower your score and make it where you can’t play rank or other players unless you play against bots or other modes you’re allow to play on to boost your score back up. This something gaming community needs to be punished by instead of account bans.

  3. 1. It took him the last quarter of time for this part to actually say the subject2. The Wii U isn’t a game3. He describes unfair matchmaking4. He again describes unfair matchmaking5. Who rage quits on Splatoon??6. Why rage quit on Overwatch? Just hide somewhere for the rest of the match and get better!7. He called a 6 minute an not so bad, yet he whines about them during the Splatoon 2 part8. RAFE QUITTING ON ANIMAL CROSSING???? (My mind is officially blown)9. Again, just hide somewhere for the rest of the match instead of quitting10. Rage quitting in Volleyball with cars?? Wtf??

  4. Eve Online has a fairly judicial system that, when simplified, doesn't directly punish you for rage quitting, but disconnection during a combat action, your character remains in-game for 10min. If directly engaged in a fight, you remain in place potentially losing everything equipped and in cargo. You will get warped to a safe spot, but remain fully trackable during the period, the actual cost of time to recover the equivalent value lost could be substantial. This results in punishment when deserved and provide unintentional disconnect victims protection will return you in the same location spot upon reconnect, unless destroyed in combat, then you get put in your home station in a noob ship.

  5. Sometimes REAL life problems/tragedies take priority to nerd life. A ban is a virgin-based way to make themselves feel powerful. Go shoot real guns in a real situation for a while then come bitch about someone who has more important things to than play w a joystick. U sure they quit cuz of rage? Maybe an emergency piss? Better be sure. Getting banned from a video game is as bad as a Kardashian telling u that ur shallow…ouch…OK. on w my life…

  6. Give up 2 if you choose to end the game early if will give you a picture of a flower and mock you saying not all of us can be Winners…it’s okay…. it happens to the best of us…

  7. Sometime the internet was too laggy so people accidentaly disconnect , people also rage quit thanks to need to need to eat, or have something to do like working

    Hopefully people that disconnected thanks to the internet too laggy or important thing not accidentally punished

  8. For honor is the one game that the developer needs to fix the people who spam the shield bash. I swear, it isn’t the fact they use the shield bash but they can literally do it at any time even when I hit them. That has to be a glitch or a hack

  9. One time I was playing a first person shooter called pixel gun 3D in my tablet and i was so mad because i always lost i threw my tablet in the floor and the screen shatered :worst mistake i ever made i shouldve just exit the game

  10. I dont really understand why it is a big deal if someone rage quit in a 1 vs 1 game? As long as the other player gets the win, it doesnt really affect anyone. If you think a bout it, it is the oppisite. When my enemy leave, i can start a new round and maybe get a nother win in less time.
    To be honest, i thought there would be more "special" punishment. You say in the video, that temporary banned from a game is normal and about 50% of the games have exact this punishment.

  11. Penaltying because of rage quit is so stupid. If Im losing because of my team I can rage quit. You should have a pain in the ass to give stupid penaltys. If im not having fun I should be able to leave any match in any time I want.

  12. My Xbox's wifi connection has a serious issue with disconnects, which pretty much screws me over in online games. Particularly Overwatch, meaning I got the -75% experience penalty before because of the disconnects.I wish one day there will be a system that can tell the difference between chosen and forced leaves.

  13. TBF I used to be scared of Mr Resseti and I had a really slobby DS so it froze a lot, when it did I would cry for hours because I knew Ressetti would come and roast my ass, then I heared a rumour of him deleting accounts and I was so scareddd

  14. This is exactly the reason I don't like online gaming very much. It's taken way too seriously. And I get it, the moment you stop playing by yourself and with other people you have a moral obligation to them and ragequitting is kind of a lame thing to do on that part. But that's the issue I have. I don't want to. And in the escapist world of videogames, I don't think you should really have to. Hens, I stay away from these more often than not.

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