5 Video Games That Should Be Made Into TV Shows

5 Video Games That Should Be Made Into TV Shows
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29 thoughts on “5 Video Games That Should Be Made Into TV Shows”

  1. For your next storyline in 3 minutes video could I make a suggestion please…Could you do The legend of Spyro trilogy in 3 minutes, I really love the story those 3 games have. And I like to see if you guys could try and pice together 3 games in…3 minutes.

    there are more 3's on here then I would have thought

  2. I always thought The Division would have an interesting concept of being a TV show. Almost like follow a family and pan to a different group such as JTF or even the enemy factions. Know it's old and quite repetitive but I have always found that interesting personally. Also, I might add; not a huge fan of anime, but having a TES anime also sounds fantastic. It could cover the Merethic or Dawn Eras into the end of the 1st. Even maybe one that covers between the events of Oblivion and Skyrim, aside from the Umbriel books we got.

  3. I throughly disagree. Okay, maybe The Last of Us, but it would probably be dismissed as a Walking Dead rip-off.

    I think games that have a story that progresses over time are better choices. For example, Bully has set events & a timeline & plenty of opportunities to flesh out the world. If going for an Anime style Limited Series the Arkham games would do well, especially if the game story events only make up less than a tenth of the series. Tomb Raider could also make a good series if handled right, though it would be important to vary the episodes (take a game from the series & break it’s story into three-five hour long episodes, next episode Lara just tooling around Croft Manor) & I’d suggest having time jumps between episodes to continue the mystery (one episode ends with Lara discovering a puzzle, next episode starts with a recap then we jump forward an hour or two as she gets to grips with the puzzle & we see how She solves it).

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