Top 10 Hardest Things to KILL in Video Games

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Hope you saved some ammo. These are the enemies that are the most resilient, the ones with the toughest skin, the foes with the hardest shells, the most persistent or of the persistent – the things that are damn near impossible to take down for good. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Hardest Things to Kill in Video Games!

00:26 #10. Lynels
01:12 #9. Dry Bones
01:51 #8. Deathclaws
02:28 #7. Crimson Heads
03:10 #6. Malboro
03:52 #5. Wobbuffet
04:28 #4. Big Daddy
05:03 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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39 thoughts on “Top 10 Hardest Things to KILL in Video Games”

  1. A simple sollution to kill Deathclaws (in Fallout 3):
    make a poison-dart-gun out of rubber, toycar etc.,
    shoot the deathclaw w/ the dart, and the poison
    makes -1000 damage on feet
    (even on robots -bug/error??),
    so the deathclaw cannot run anymore,
    and then you slowly kill it w/ the lousiest/bad weapon.
    I killed all deathclaws on the easy way w/ this tactic.

  2. Where is the Ultrademon from DOOM?! No youngins I’m not talking about the latest version, I’m talkimg about the one that came out for PlayStation back in the 90’s. That sucker could one round you with ease and he took easily 12 shots with the rocket launcher to kill. Whenever you saw him you just ran! Anyone remember?

  3. Where is Ruby Weapon, Final Fantasy 7? Instead you pick Malboro? C’mon man not even close.
    Ruby or Ultimate Weapon can easily 1 round any of your characters and if you don’t have several ultimate elixirs on you (the item that heals all your characters to full health and revives those that died), you are a goner in about two moves from the boss (depending on how beefed up you are).

  4. I would agree with you on deathclaws but to me they aren't as hard anymore I killed 2 of them but not at the same time but if you said super mutant behemoths then I would agree with you

  5. Good list. But what about the ultimate weapon in ff7? I haven't played that game in years but I remember that one would wipe you out. He was hard to kill. I don't think I killed him.

  6. damn, you guys had it spot on with the giant crab pick! right up there with the pinwheel boss fight from dark souls 1 as the hardest thing in the franchise. way to go! </s>

    giant. crab. you had the entire dark souls series and you decided that the hardest enemy out of all of them was: giant. crab.

  7. Bahahahahaha giant crab in DSIII are one of the easiest things to kill in that game. There is a weak spot. The face and underbelly. There are many other much harder things to kill in that game. You really need to reevaluate.

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