10 Video Game Speedruns You NEED To See To Believe

How do you beat Super Mario 64 in 6 minutes?? 10 Video Game Speed Runs You NEED To See To Believe!
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There’s playing a video game normally and then there’s completing a speed run. A video game speed run consists of beating the game as fast you can. There are many covets to this process. No cheats can be used, the game must be played at a normal speed, and many people only consider the record legitimate if it is played using an original console or console controller. A number of smart players dedicate years to creating the perfect speed run. It requires perfection of the game, precision of controls, excellent timing skills, and learning all of the proper glitches. Not only is it fun to try and beat these speed run records, but it’s exciting to watch players do some crazy things within the game. These speed runs have been showcased through online streaming accounts on both Twitch and YouTube among others. It’s exciting to watch them live and then relive the moments.

The best speed runs are done both in modern games and a lot of the classics. Platform games like Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario World are great for speed runs because it’s easy to follow the action, see Mario narrowly jump over opponents, and watch how players skim time off of their marks with smart choices. More modern games like Portal 2 are even more of a challenge because of the level designs, puzzling aspects, and additional features like co-play. Watch and see these speed runs come to life. Along with witnessing the speed runs, you can see the players focus through dual-screen modes that showcase their reactions and commentary as they play.

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30 thoughts on “10 Video Game Speedruns You NEED To See To Believe”

  1. Its not a SPEEDRUN but suddenly u c the END or REACH/ WITNESS the END or the Final OUTCOME each time u choose a PATH or the PATH that is TAKIN U. Its like so if u do this, this will happen n in the END "OH OH MY GOD". Sometimes its so SCARY, people RUNAWAY from a PERSON or SUPPOSED written FATE. I mean everybody wud do that. Wont they? U see gettin killed in TRAIN STATION so REAL n next day if u TRAIN TRAVEL; then u must b some DAREDEVIL.

  2. Theres no way that you can beat a game such a skyrim in half an hour,it is surely a glitch or something or TAS involved.A normal speed run is something done by completting the game as fast as you can by playing it with the normal root of it.After this became a trend in the web all trying to prove that can easily beat a game by glitching it as well,those should be named glitch runs instead speed runs! Its a different thing cheating the game by something someone found handy on a game error,and something entirely different playing it as it is in order to beat it in the best time.You beat or cheat thats my thought in a game speedrunners or glitchrunners.You cannot be a world record braker by cheating to something people sorry to be blunt here take it as you wish.

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