How The “AAA” Market Is Ruining Video Games

The story of how “AAA” Games have plagued 2017
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21 thoughts on “How The “AAA” Market Is Ruining Video Games”

  1. I love your videos! You state your opinion and make sure people know that it is just that. With that being said, we have to do a better job of differentiating between developer and publisher. And a lot of time, the publisher is the reason the game comes out in the manor they do. micro transaction filled and manipulative to drain each buyer of every cent. But there is another side to this. Software Developers are expensive! So are Artist, Sound engineer, Writers, Voice Actors and blah blah blah. So, the bigger and better the game, the money will be needed to pay these people. And Let's not even talk about the cost of advertisements. The other unfortunate part is that as consumers, we have made the video game industry feel as though we didn't mind having so micro transactions because we made mobile games the biggest platform in gaming. And the general mindset there is free to play with micro transactions or pay to win. Very few games that are just legit free-to-play or one price gets all content.

  2. i dont know i havnt seen anything p2w in shadows mainly because in enjoyed the game didnt spend anything afterwards only people who suffer are the compulsive spenders and thats who they want spending money how it is in retail as well when you walk by them side stacks of radom stuff on ailses .

  3. This is why I only buy games that I've tried and like… You would think game developers are working hard on trying to persuade users to buy games, but selling crap marketed as gold is I think just as bad as pirating…
    None the less I am more than happy to cough up some cash for great games, but only once… Not keep paying to progress. This is killing iOS games as well I think. I either pay or watch 12 ads to open one box (I'm looking at you C.A.T.S.)

  4. Worst part for me – BattleFront 2 looks like it can be tons of fun, but they pummeled it down to oblivion
    sucks to be the coders and artists behind it, in a way

  5. It's not a game from 2017, but a couple days ago i started play ABZU, and man that game is good, is so peacefull em beautiful, it's like Journey but in the water, and when i go back to play Call of Duty, it's a totaly diferent experience, i just get angry and angry.

  6. While I don't like loot boxes, they do address one major problem: Splitting the player base between DLC and non DLC players. Splitting the base reduces player retention and ends up punishing the owners of the DLC by not giving them as big a player base to play with etc.

    So HOW do you propose to fix this issue? Think about video game prices, back when the original Xbox came out games were aroudn 59.99 US for AAA games. Today? AAA games cost virtually the same price, yet look at the content, years of support, etc that they have compared to say Halo CE (a great game, but how much DLC came out? How many patches?)

    Not to malign a company like EA or Activision for lack of money, but you cannot expect today's AAA games with the content they have to go for 59.99 in today's money. And that means they need another revenue source to keep up or expand today's content etc.

    All this complaining, whining, bitching about loot boxes but never a solution. I for one really don't care about them. MAYBE you could say that if they had gone live, noobs could have spent 300 bucks and for a few weeks or even a month or two had a big advantage. But after that (if that long) the advantage goes away. And here I sit, playing for less than 2 months, and I have all the big items I want unlocked for free, not paying for DLC, and loving it.

  7. The big publishers should really start to realize that games are about fun and not about blinky blinky billion dollar crap that is exiting eye candy for the first minute but doesnt last. Its a completely wrong way to make a game in this way, putting all money and effort into creatig a shiny bling bling cover up for a otherways lame and unfun game that noone wants to play once he digs through the covering bling bling.

    Its not about the money you spend on developing, its about the idea and the execution of this. If the core is rotten you cant cover it in candy and sell it without loosing customers in the long run.
    I mean sure the best games are those that combine epic graphics/videos/sounds with interesting and fun gameplay that lasts for hours… but in nowadays times such a game is rather unliekly to happen.
    EA will move on selling rotten apples covered in candy, ubi soft does the same but uses less candy so the backlash comes even faster.

  8. Guess what, what if this is all the consumers fault? Has anyone stop to think why publishers and devs can get away with shitty scummy business practices? It's because of you, the consumer. Be smart, vote with your wallet. Nobody is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to buy garbage, these people only do this because they get your money anyways.

  9. Oh how i completely disagree with you on this. 2017 was a bad year yes but to say AAA ruin video games is ridiculous. The problem is not in the games and those that develop them but the publishers that control them. The EAs and activisions and WBs of the gaming industry that got greedier and greedier over the years in large parts because of us gamers, me included. In buying the overpriced map packs and day one dlc and season passes, etc. Oh we usually complained about them but most of us still bought them. Finally now we are taking a stand against this. Then if you look at good AAA game devs like for example how great was witcher 3 and say what you will about ubisoft coz god knows they are far from perfect but when you look at game like raibow 6 and especially the division that made an awesome comeback with mostly free updates and expansions these are the games we need to support. At the least if you buy games like battlefront 2 or destiny 2 dont buy into the microtransactions, enjoy the base game for what it is and thats it, because the more we do the more it will incentivize these companies to put more and more in. We keep demonizing these publishers and thats good but remember that they became these great big monsters because we kept feeding them.

  10. Sorry to say this but you can't have cake and eat it too. There was really no crash especially when the industry itself would have gone downhill like in the 80s, which AAA brought it back. If microtransactions are an issue then focus on all aspects as Indie, AAA, and anything in between. Also another Indie vs AAA thing since Bioware Montreal was in a sense an Indie studio as they treated something new and got randomly demonized, which an Indie developer wouldn't have been thrown under the bus on. If Andromeda was done by Bethesda then mostly it would have been accepted as stuff like that is commonplace in the Fallout and Elder Scrolls series. Lastly Destiny 2 is far from pay-to-win unless if Overwatch,Rocket League, and LoL would be labeled as pay-to-win. Just had to share that rant.

  11. Everyone has become greedy. ISPS, game makers, and the government. The one thing that is ruining the world is the presence of currency. The world should be a world without currency of any kind.

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