Top 5 Most Mysterious Video Games

Top 5 Most Mysterious Video Games
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In todays video we talk about the most mysterious video games in history.

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45 thoughts on “Top 5 Most Mysterious Video Games”

  1. Nah if it were the government they wouldn't have worn black suits to attract attention, but I love it that you say 'maybe' often, because some other channel might say things like 'definitely' a lot and it's just repulsive. Your videos are great and very well written! That's talent.

  2. Well I don't think Bill is the Anti Christ, but just because he donates to charities doesn't mean he is not it. Because it is said to be someone who will look like the saviour of people but in fact isn't…
    Anyway great video!

  3. ugh the excel 95 thing is an easter egg. it wasn't "kept in the release." it wasn't known that it was there by anyone other then the programmers that added it. It was basically because bill gates was an asshole, he constantly belittled and berated his programming team, what a shock from someone who steals from his best friend the most profitable idea since railroad monopoly. but there isn't any mystery around it what so ever…

  4. What about the original "Nier" game, throughout the game it's a fun game having multiple endings. However once you finally achieve 100% and obtain the final ending. Not only is your save forcefully deleted on you, but then you aren't even allowed to use the same name for a new game. Why create a game, that literally punishes you for mastering it instead of rewarding you…

  5. That Pokemon black game was distributed all over the internet. 15 years ago I remember playing it online. You couldn't save the game so you could only do runs. I'm not sure why you can't find it now, but its 100% existed and was creepy af.

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