10 Video Games You Should Never Play Alone

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Single-player games are meant to be played…well, alone. That’s the point. But when it comes to horror games, particularly survival horror, you may want some company before you dive head-on into an unknown environment. Even if you’re a horror game veteran, we don’t recommend playing any of these games by yourself…

Outlast | 0:17
Resident Evil 4 | 1:37
Silent Hill 2 | 2:33
Alien: Isolation | 3:02
F.E.A.R. | 3:54
SOMA | 5:18
The Evil Within | 6:23
Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 | 7:28
Fatal Frame | 8:07
Daylight | 9:07

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39 thoughts on “10 Video Games You Should Never Play Alone”

  1. Outlast wasnt that scary, yeah it freaked me out at first but as you go further into the game you get used to the jumpscares and the monsters chasing you or hiding in the dark. I love outlast its one of my fav games of all time!

  2. No game has ever made me want to rage quite to the point of burning my house down like " the evil within" fatal frame is a classic and probably my favorite of all time. I miss the dead space 1 creepiness of hearing necromorphs banging against pipes and seeing shadows dark across the screen.

  3. i played Resident Evil 4 on PS2 when I was like 7-8 and when the first level started and that old man wanted to kill me with an axe i said: ' Screw this' and slept with my lights on

  4. Silent Hill 2 was mine – My ex would read the guide book & direct me through though we both were BEYOND freaked out then I got stuck in the parallel universe apartment complex twice & finally gave up before even getting to the end!RE4 listed?! The version of the WII is a bit hard but Nemesis is the one that messed with me even with less then stellar graphics! Great list.

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