Top 10 Worst Cases of Padding In Video Games

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This is the video game equivalent of filling up on bread. These games have been padded out, filled up and stretched out by repeating content or forcing you to retread your steps, all in the efforts of boosting the total playtime. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Cases of Padding in Video Games!

00:38 #10. The Library – “Halo Combat Evolved” (2002)
01:27 #9. Boss Rush – “Mega Man” series (19872015)
02:10 #8. Collecting Cores – “Recore” (2016)
02:59 #7. Chapter Mission Structure – “Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain” (2015)
03:53 #6. Do it All Over Again – “Bravely Default” (2014)
04:39 #5. Mundane Jobs – “No More Heroes” (2007)
05:29 #4. Egg Quests – “Monster Hunter” series (2004)
06:18 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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27 thoughts on “Top 10 Worst Cases of Padding In Video Games”

  1. Really? Didn't agree with your #10, #9, #6, #2, and #1. One of your worst lists ever; you left out some classically bloated situations in favor of the Library in Halo, the upside down castle in SotN, etc.!

  2. Upside down castle was absolutely brilliant. Helped push Symphony of the Night to be one of the greatest games ever made. And in my opinion, the best Castlevania game for sure

  3. With MGSV- You can tell when Konami started to split with Kojima. The repetition of missions and the lost mission (that was important to the story and wrapped up what happens to Eli and the child soldiers) was clearly Konami’s decision and not Kojima’s

  4. recore and jet force make the list but not jak and dexter? don't get me.wrong I love both jfg and jak but the precossors are just like the cores and tribals lol

  5. The only Zelda game I never finished despite my best efforts to stay invested in the quest; Windwaker. Those triforce pieces killed it for me, maybe if I tried it again now, my younger self didn't have the wear withall for it.

  6. I thought Shadow of War was pretty bad after the main part of the story, having to re-defend your bases without any story elements throughout this strange phase was just weird. I think you can beat the story pretty quick even if you do everything, before this phase it's still under 20hrs so I think they thought it was too short and added that strange segment to the game. I loved the game, spent a lot of time in it leveling all my Orcs and upgrading them but was just a strange game…

    MGS 5 I thought was pretty egregious, re-playing levels with limitations on how you play in order to reach the end. Also you don't see the actual ending of the game unless you jump a bunch of through hoops.

  7. Bolt is a good catchy name for your show but epic car trip? You can drive from San Francisco to A.L. in a day trip. I went snowboarding in Tahoe and was surfing by evening in the same day, Cali is big big the freeways make it pretty easy to get around if you now where your going.

  8. The prologue of Tomb Raider Underworld. I know, I know, it's a short section just to warm up and excite the players, but I just want to pull that out. That part is basically copied out from the later Croft Manor level and pasted at the beginning. Many speedrunners have tested that the developers were so lazy that they did not remove the trigger into the Southern Mexico level (which is technically impossible to reach under normal circumstances, but still).

  9. Here's the thing with Jet Force Gemini. You don't have to play the entire area again if you miss a Tribal. You just go back to that specific part of the, get the tribals again, which shouldn't be hard if you already know where they are; it shouldn't be that hard. The tribals aren't even hidden that badly. 75% of them are in plain sight. Crying about Jet Force Gemini just seems redundant in my opinion. Especially since nearly all of Rareware games had something like this. Might as well bitch about the Notes in Banjo Kazooie.

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