7 Crazy Ways Video Game Pirates Were Punished By Developers

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So, you thought you could get away with it, huh? You thought you could just copy that game without forking over some cash? For as long as video games have existed, bootlegging games has been a problem. A lot of people worked really hard making those games, and some of that work even went into punishing game thieves in some pretty creative ways. Here are just a few crazy ways video game pirates were punished by developers…

Living on the edge | 0:46
Total terror | 2:19
For the birds | 3:00
Manual insertion | 4:17
Memory loss | 5:15
What a shame | 6:01
Oh, the irony | 6:40

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45 thoughts on “7 Crazy Ways Video Game Pirates Were Punished By Developers”

  1. I never bought any game in my life i pirated houndreds of games and these things never happend and i saved thousands of dollars so pirates win in the end 🙂

  2. The reason people pirate games is because nobody wants to pay the incredibly insane prices for a video game these days. I mean, a name brand Nintendo switch game is 79.99 PLUS TAX equaling 90.33 cents!

  3. I would put a message on the screen after beating the game saying this looks like a cracked version of the game if you like buy it
    And then after you click out of it the game would terminate immediately

  4. I still remember, around the time when Pokémon Sun and Moon came out, there were complaints from people who tried to pirate the game that their 3DSs were completely locked out of all online features. Everyone just laughed at them and told them "serves you right."

  5. If I made a platforming game, I would make it so that pirates will have to suffer through a glitch mess where the player character falls through the floor and spins randomly, cheating enemies, and random graphical artifacts.

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