Top 10 Real World Crimes BLAMED on Video Games!


The media’s always looking for something to blame when tragedy strikes – and video games are often a prime target! These are the crimes that for whatever reason – valid, invalid, crazy or just plain wrong-ass-dumbness – we’re blamed on the beloved (and mostly harmless) hobby of video games. Politians, lawyers, social justice warriors and uptight conservatives; they’ve all had video games in their crosshairs. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Real World Crimes Blamed On Video Games!

00:42 #10. Grand Theft Auto Causes London Riots
01:32 #9. Grand Theft Auto Behind Nightlong Spree
02:19 #8. Confiscated PlayStation Killing
03:17 #7. Recreating Mortal Kombat
04:05 #6. Manhunt Obsession
04:56 #5. Real Daughter Left To Starve
05:39 #4. Teen Shoots Parents After Halo Ban
06:40 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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36 thoughts on “Top 10 Real World Crimes BLAMED on Video Games!”

  1. We did nothing wrong We did nothing wrong We did nothing wrongWe did nothing wrongWe did nothing wrongWe did nothing wrongWe did nothing wrong We did nothing wrong We did nothing wrong We did nothing wrong We did nothing wrong We did nothing wrong We did nothing wrong

  2. I played Assassins Creed 2 and even though it’s blood and swears you know what I wanted to do from that game? I wanted to go to Florence and explore the Italian landscape

  3. I have played video games such as Mortal Kombat,Grand Theft Auto, and a game for the Xbox 360 called The Darkness 2, and I have NEVER done any stupid bullshit related to violent video games.

  4. There will always be unbalanced individuals, and sadly sometimes forms of violent escapist entertainment can inspire them to hurt innocent individuals. That is why any law abiding individual most consider the subject of self defense in the unlikely scenario that they will be attacked by a nefarious criminal. Anyone has the right to defend themselves from attack and this reality has to be confronted at some point, the subject of how if you where attacked how would you defend yourself and what forms of defense is appropriate.

  5. I expected to see the one from Shadow the Hedgehog where Shadow has to try to assassinate the President and at the time a failed assassination had occurred. Or the time that bombing was involved and it was happening in the real world.

  6. if you are a Psycho, than Videogames or movies or musicvideos or Songs from the Radio or a violent newsreport or a lost game from your favorite sportsteam or the screaming neighbors child or a barking dog on the street or a stupit post from trump or a comment like this one right here on YouTube can make you go on a killing spree.

  7. parents and politicians you can't blame the developers for the game brain washering your kids you have to blame yourself a because it clearly says m for mature 17+ you're the one who got it for them or allowed for them to play it. I would reverse that shit on the mom if I where midway, because we have nothing to do with your kid playing our game we make games for adults you shouldn't be letting your kid play that game. people are so stupid at times I swear

  8. I'm with most people below in that people that commit crimes and blame it on a video game or a movie are looking for a scapegoat and someone to take the blame (i.e. insanity defense) instead of taking responsibility for THEIR actions or if its a parent blaming a game or a movie denying its their fault for you being either a bad parent or raising a troubled child who they didn't get proper help for.

    Movies and games are rated for a reason n I'm not going to be a hypocritical and deny that I did play some games and watch films I shouldn't have been able to growing up as I wasn't old enough at the time, but I've not murdered anyone or stole or committed any other crime as I was raised to know what is right from wrong and that video games and movies are FANTASY and different from REAL LIFE

    Don't buy your thirteen year old the latest GTA or take them to see the Deadpool movie or whatever and then act shocked and be angry at its violent or sometimes sexual content and then be in uproar about.

    If you or your child can't distinguish that these are fantasy then you've got issues and you need help so please get it for them or yourself. The reason why people like games and movies (sorry to keep throwing movies in there but you here the same argument as above for both) as it lets you live out a fantasy and experience things that you wouldn't in your normal day to day life.

    But thats where it stops for the majority of people, playing GTA and doing the bank robbery mission doesn't make me think "that bank I pass every morning on the way to work… I bet I could do that there" or I spent the last four hours being a soldier, pirate or a medieval knight and shooting or hacking people/monsters/or whatever to death "that was fun let me try that out in real life". Cause if you are thinking that then YOU HAVE PROBLEMS and NEED HELP.

    It's not the games or the movie ITS YOU

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