Top 24 Dragon Ball Video Games | 8 | DBCember 2017 | Team Four Star

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Super Dragon Ball Z for the Playstation 2 is a good game for punching your friends with.


34 thoughts on “Top 24 Dragon Ball Video Games | 8 | DBCember 2017 | Team Four Star”

  1. Alright, a game I actually own! Super DBZ is definitely a fun game, I thought it was super cool to be able to learn other characters' supers and the skill tree thing was a neat feature to explore. Although, Piccolo's giant form is a combination I never was able to get down… that and the Wolf Fang Fist. Only game to have adult Chi-chi playable was an unexpected bonus.

  2. I'm sorry but I cannot agree with this 1. I own this game and I've played a decent amount and I absolutely hate it. And before anyone comes at me saying it's cause I hate 2D fighting games, let me make it known that fighting games are my absolute favourite type of games. I can sit down with plenty of competitive 2D and 3D fighting games and have an absolute blast but this game? No, I never felt like I was having fun. No disrespect to people that like this game, if you like it that's fine, but I personally cannot stand it.

  3. This combat actually seems very similar to Budokai 3. Besides all of the other aspects, what makes Budokai 3 that much better in terms of combat? Which is the main thing I'm looking for in a DBZ game.

  4. KaiserNeko is the fucking worst. He's the worst kind of weeb. A weeb hipster. "Oh, you didn't read the original mangaaaaaaa? Lemme explain to you why the manga is so much better." Like the people that will constantly point out a book is better than it's movie counterpart. No shit. Now sit down, shut up, and go make out with your bf.

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