Beer in Video Games

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RED DEAD REDEMPTION #A Funny Drunk Time Moment

Fallout 4 – Getting Drunk – All Companions Reactions

Conker’s Bad Fur Day – Part 1 – BEER TIME (Rare Replay)

GTA IV Niko Getting Drunk

GTA V – Getting Drunk in First Person (PS4)

Bioshock Infinite – Kill 5 When Drunk (Lost Weekand)

Drunk as hell in Bioshock

I Love 80’s Commercials Volume 12 – 80’s Beer Commercials

Vintage Miller Time Beer Commercial

Beer Commercial

Keystone grilling with Keith Stone

Let’s Play Max Payne 3 Walkthrough 100% – Chapter 1 (No commentary) HD

Uncharted 2 – Part 1 “The Cliffhanger” (Lets Play / Walkthrough / Playthrough )

Conker’s Bad Fur Day Pissing Fire Imps

Max Payne 3 Walton’s Bar | 4K

Mass Effect 2 – Lady Shepard getting drunk

Fallout 4: Skipping dialogue while drunk

Fallout New Vegas: Alcohol Poisoning


44 thoughts on “Beer in Video Games”

  1. Wario Land 2 had penguins throwing beer mugs at Wario to transform him into Drunk Wario stumbling around backwards with a belch attack except Nintendo censored it for USA and Europe because it's E-rated and we need to protect the fragile minds of children or something so it's basically the same mechanically except instead of Drunk Wario it's "Crazy Wario" and instead of beer mugs it's "crazy orbs". Look it up if you have to but I'm pretty sure it's dumb enough that I couldn't make it up if I tried

  2. Condemned 2 had booze.
    Iirc Ethan the main character is an alcoholic and when you've had a drink your aiming becomes more accurate. After a while your hands start getting shaky again.

  3. Cracking open a cold one with the boys who don’t exist because it’s a video game… cracking open a cold one with a video game…

  4. yoo you forgot to mention getting drunk in Fable. You can get nice a shwasted, and then beat your wife, which then leads to child protective services to take away your sweet innocent virtual children.

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