Cuphead – Video Game references

Compilation of the moments in (mostly) retro games Cuphead took inspiration from, with footage to compare. Many of them are either shoot’em up or run and gun. I probably have missed some, but this is a list of those I got. Enjoy.


– From “Virtual Gaming Library”
* Cuphead

– From “World of Longplays”:
* Dragon Warrior
* Wonder Boy III: The dragon’s trap
* Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior
* Contra Hard Corps
* Three Wonders: Chariot
* Super Mario World
* Gokujou Parodius
* The Adventures of Batman and Robin (Genesis)
* Final Fantasy VI
* Megaman 2
* Megaman 7
* Gunstar Heroes

– From “Boss fight database”
* Cuphead Bad Ending

– From “Prosafiagaming”
* Cuphead – All Bosses & Ending

– From “DEEZUN123”
* Ken’s Taunt: ANSWERED

– From “warwolf04”
* Darkstalkers 3 – Q Bee arcade mode

– From “Shadowserg”
* Sexy Parodius – Castlevania Stage (Medusa Boss) (No Death)

– From “valigarmander”
* Final Fantasy VI (SNES) Combat Exhibition (All Items, Magic, Espers, Skills, Desperation Attacks)

– Cuphead OST – Victory Tune, by Kristofer Maddiggan
– Cuphead OST – All bets are off, by Kristofer Maddiggan

HOLY SHIT THIS TOOK FOREVER TO MAKE. Really pushed my puny computer to the limit.

And I haven’t even played the game haha ugh I hate myself.


42 thoughts on “Cuphead – Video Game references”

  1. HEY GUESS WHAT! I made another one.

    On a way less known game, but an amazing one nonetheless. It's called
    Cursed Castilla and it was inspired by Ghouls n' Ghosts. It could count
    as a spiritual succesor to it, that's for sure. Anyways, give it some love, and not just the video: the game too! It was made by Locomalito, and it's even a free version. Look them up! Thanks for your time.

  2. I'm surprised you didn't see the moon as a Cho Aniki reference.

    Also: The stage with the "Kamek" Magician has a theme similar to Super Mario World's "Athletic" (normal overworld stage theme).
    Dr Kahl uses Chaos Emerald (?!) to power his robot and tries to use Chaos Control (?!?!?!?!) to defeat you.
    Cuphead and Mugman's powers does seem to be a nod to other games and even Manga too:
    * Peashooter is a common nickname for Mega Man's normal Buster (before the Mega Buster which allowed him to charge)
    * Spread has a bit of similarity to Contra's Spread Shot
    * Chaser is literally the same as the Chaser Force in Gunstar Heroes
    * Lobber does seem similar to Mario's fireball and some other of the least appreciated shots (such as Drop Shot from Metal Slug)
    * Charge Is as overpowered as Mega Buster was first declared to be, being able to sometimes cause enough damage to skip certain bosses' phases.
    * Roundabout – YES! Hehehe, just kidding. Anyways, this one has similarities to most weapons that comes around, perhaps Caveman Ninja's boomerang weapon.
    * Aeroplane is clearly a reference to most shmups, but perhaps most notably Parodius, which yes…. Has a Mini powerup too that replaces some characters' Shield or M-Crush
    * Super Art I could be easily mistaken for MvC versions of Shinku Hadoken or DBZ's many beam attacks (most notably Kamehameha.
    * Super Art II is kinda like the Laurels from Simon's Quest, except with the creep factor.
    * Super Art III obviously is a JOJO REFERENCE. I don't need to say anything about that, do you underSTANDO?

  3. There is another interesting reference:
    At the beginning of the Floral Fury boss stage, you can see that the boss, the flower, makes the same taunt as Necro in Street Fighter 3 – Third Strike. Like to make it visible for the creator of the video.

  4. The Scientist with the Giant Robot, floating pod/capsule, and gem is also a reference to Dr. Robotnik/Eggman.

    Thust the jewel it presents.

    The Giant robot also is a reference to Gamma from Mega Man 3.

  5. Like.. i dont see how chosing to go with the devil is a contra ref, since i've seen it in other early games too. take Street Fighter 1, for example. If you actually made it to the end, you could become the new syndicate right hand, or fight mr x. (in 2 player, if one said yes and one no, the players fought eachother!)

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