Every Video Game Parody Made By PETA

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This video takes a look at PETA’s flash games and covers all of the ones so far that have parodied video games and criticised how they treat animals.

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Project Manager: Dan

Writer & Researcher: Gedaemon
Video Editor & Narrator: Fabian

Footage credit 1 (Crescent Isle):

Footage credit 2 (HandofBlood4U):


31 thoughts on “Every Video Game Parody Made By PETA”

  1. I can't believe that I played these games when I was FREAKING 10 years old
    PETA really had a good idea but it went really downhill for my childhood I started getting REALLY annoyed by cute thing and made me started hurting cute things of course I eventually grew up and saw my errors but still it really ruined my childhood PETA is nothing but a sadistic organization

  2. I think that it's great that you can shoot dogs in that video game. If you wanna kill everything alive and commit animal abuse, isn't it better if you do it in call of duty rather than in real life?

  3. Sorry not trying to be a critic and I love most of the ganes that PETA has made put I really think that PETA is stupid and I hate him for criticizing some of my childhood games. You can even send this message to him for all I care.

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