Top 10 Video Games That Got BANNED!

Top 10 Video Games That Got BANNED! Here you will find 10 Video Games That Were BANNED. Hopefully you enjoy our list of these video games that you cant buy or play. For more top 10 Video Games, make sure to Leave a LIKE!

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46 thoughts on “Top 10 Video Games That Got BANNED!”

  1. About the ban on red bull in Denmark are NOT TRUE!!! all energy drinks are legal in Denmark as long as they contain less than 32mg caffeine pr liter. All energy drinks with 32 mg/L is marked "maximum caffeine" in Denmark.

  2. Dude. I like your channel. I do. But you've got to work on your pronunciation and diction skills. It's Lakota Sioux (pron. "Luh-ko-ta Sue"), like the Johnny Cash song, or the Invisible Woman's real name, Sue Storm. A "sow" is a female pig. Also, stop doing the "peace" thing. It's annoying, you sound like a jackass when you do it, and it's as jarring as waking up to an alarm clock. It makes me wish I didn't understand English. Just present your facts, and say "thank you". Carry on

  3. Thrill kill WAS complete, and you can play the game by pirating it. It isn't even as bad as it sounds and the game was never cancelled, it was just never released. Do some more research next time you do a vid like this bud.

  4. The only reason Thrill Kill didn't get released is because EA bought the company that made it. The game was fully completed and ready to be produced and shipped but EA pulled the plug because they didnt want their name on it. You can actually find this game all over the internet and can be played on emulators in its entirety.

  5. "banned in argentina" no, it's not, there are no bans on videogames in argentina, nor in movies, books or anything else, they were gonna ban tpb but there was huge public backlash and the ban was dropped, the word itself "ban" can kill a politician's career here, it's no joke, you should double check your sources

  6. yes the middle of honor game where American soldiers kill American soldiers the military action doesn't mind that because maybe one day they'll be a Civil War and they would have to kill each other

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