Top Five Worst Video Game Remakes

Incidentally, every game mentioned on here is listed on Wikipedia as a remake so I don’t feel like I have to justify their inclusion too much. I’d also argue that a bad remake isn’t necessarily a bad game, just a misguided one. A bit of tact goes a long way.

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43 thoughts on “Top Five Worst Video Game Remakes”

  1. I know that, for once, the discussion in the comments isn't about my really old intro, but I thought I'd just mention that I'm working on a new one. Might be fully animated, kind of like Poke Month from last year. No idea when it'll be done.

  2. The fog in the Silent Hill series is not only used for atmosphere but to also hide some of the less than pleasing textures. Removing that in the HD collection revealed some of the ugliest textures you would ever see

  3. It's hilarious how people talk shit about 64 DS's controls even though the original wasn't perfect either !

    I remember when I was like what ? seven and I managed to play the game with the d-pad just fine. It's sad to see a remake that did so much right being dissed just because of some controls that arguably aren't that bad !

  4. I love mario 64 ds! It was a big part of my childhood! I agree the controls suck, but having gotten used to them, and being able to play on my 3ds, I still really love the game! And it sounds like the controls were your only major gripe as well. Either way, great list! Have a good day :3

  5. im with him. i loved the remake of Bad Fur day but i hated the fact they censored the swearing and yet still managed to keep the M rating. what's even worse is when it came time for the Rare Replay collection to come out they chose to put the remake on their instead of the original version

  6. Silent Hill HD Collection better be here.
    edit: Ok cool, I was beginning to think you had forgotten that trainwreck Konami and HighJinx Studios put out only a few years ago.

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