Video Games Cause Aggression?

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Welcome to the first edition of Psych News, where we announce new discoveries in the world of Psychology and human behavior. Todays stories include:

0:10 The effects of video games on aggression

Ever since the rise of violent media in TV, movies, and now video games, their effects on kids and society have been hotly debated. A number of studies have concluded that the effects of video games on individuals are generally negative. Generally people who play violent video games show an increase in aggression and a decrease in empathy. Though video game effects seem to be largely negative, a current study decided to further expand on the findings. Previous work done on the social effect of video games have been examined from a short term perspective. This new study examined video game effects in the long run and concluded there may be good effects of video games.

2:44 New watch tells you if you’re a boring conversationalist

Scientists have finally developed a watch that can determine a conversations tone. Using audio, text transcriptions, and physiological signs this watch can determine a conversations tone with 83% accuracy. Researchers say this is most helpful for those with anxiety or aspergers because it acts like a social coach.

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45 thoughts on “Video Games Cause Aggression?”

  1. The reason violent video games make people violent in the short term is because the brain needs to act that way to function properly in those games (duh). Now a study i wanna see is the short term effects of playing a game that causes players to feel intense emotions, via character deaths or actions. Test this in the short term and long term, and compare those results to people who don't play those games.

  2. If you know anything about economics you'll know the phrase "correlation or causation".

    In other words, most of the kids aren't becoming aggressive because of the games, they play the games because they are already naturally aggressive (for some reason).

    Ok, there are some short term effects of violent video games, however violent video games DO NOT make violent people.

    I mean jeez, I'm 11 and even I can the basic flaws in their argument.

  3. My biggest issue with the whole "video games cause violence" claim is that if someone really is letting a work of pure fiction influence their actions in the real world, then chances are they were already mentally unbalanced to begin with.

  4. What's that one shirt? "Violent video games don't cause violence… … … …lag does"?
    I am totally on the boat that it doesn't increase violence. In me it decreases violence as I can take it out on fictional, non-living character that know not the pain I am about to put them through. Of course, some people that watch me play might think I am criminally insane because of the horrible shit I do to the characters on screen. I'd have to say that 99% of my kills on DOOM 2016 are brutal kills.

  5. Hitler must have been a fan of COD. ……..OH WAIT!

    Humanity is an aggressive, cut-throat, depraved species of self serving bastards. Violent media is a means to channel that inner cave man in a safe way so everyone can get along….mostly.

  6. I am twenty and seventeen of them were spent playing Legend of Zelda, American Macgee's Alice, Super Mario, GTA, Fallout, Alan Wake, Uncharted, Borderlands, NieR series…. slowly drifts into a long list of every Zelda title I have no kind of aggression. I'm a walking potato with salt and a bunch of inside jokes.

  7. I always play Samurai warriors 4 or Orochi Warriors 3 Ultimate whenever I'm sad, angry or just want to sleep but can't. It really helps to calm me down. I don't think Video games cause aggression BUT it can cause it when its played at the wrong age.

  8. My parents say video games make me more violent, but they make me get off in the middle of a competitive match of overwatch or csgo, its like…… guys know you'd be pissed off too, they just catch me at the wrong times, if im not in a match, its whatever, if its casual, whatever, if its comp, im actually trying and if i lose a lot of rank+penalty cause parents make me get off…

  9. Hmmmm… I'd have to say no, they don't cause aggression and/or anger. Because while we do pick up things from the media we consume, we aren't always directly affected by it. Most of the articles that I've read about people attacking others and/or killing others because of films/games/etc. were people who weren't quite stable from the beginning.
    In fact, violent videogames help us reduce and express our anger and anxieties in ways we couldn't do in real life. I remember playing GTAV and being very angry about something before I started playing. I went on a killing spree, laughed at silly deaths and my anger was forgotten. It helps a lot for people who are introverts actually, as introverts tend to bubble up their emotions and not show them to anyone. Seeing how most gamers are introverts or at least ambiverts.
    Violent videogames affect people in different ways because we are all different and don't have the same responses as others. So, while I believe they do not cause aggression, there are aspects that say otherwise. It's kind of hard to completely analyse.

  10. I'd love to see if video games that aren't violent and/or competitive cause an increase in empathy with a decrease in aggression, really test that 'in the moment' response these tests seemed to show.

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