Video Games Live Concert at gamescom 2017 | August 25

Enjoy a magical concert packed with music from Blizzard’s games performed by the Video Games Live orchestra—including some songs that have never before been performed live!
Orchester: The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus | Conducted by: Russell Brower | Singer: Nella

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The leading European trade fair for digital gaming culture, gamescom takes place each year in Cologne, Germany. Blizzard Entertainment is there from August 22-26, 2017 with our best show yet!


35 thoughts on “Video Games Live Concert at gamescom 2017 | August 25”

  1. It's really good, but why there's no Pandaria music again?? Since the VGL Concert founded, there are several pieces they play every time, but they never played any music from Pandaria(except in Beijing, just one time), I'm pretty sure most of the people ignored and forgot it. Such a disappointment…

  2. esses concertos mds…são lindos de mais,me lembra a epoca que eu jogava war 3 e me surpreendia com cada fase que eu jogava e tenho até hj no meu computador,parabens blizzard seu trabalho é incrivel

  3. Хердстоуновские фаны так радуются…ВОВ,вот кто отец всех игр Близзард…эти легендарные треки

  4. вот вот я тоже считаю что дирижер нахуй не нужен как и все музыканты в этом видео, которые смотрят в ноты… только он получает хорошую зарплату, а они … бред

  5. Wilderness on Diablo 2 was my children lullaby song. I put them to sleep to that song. Now as they're much older when I play Diablo 2 or just listen to the song, they stop what they are doing and listen to it in almost a trance like state. Video game music is some of the best

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