10 Video Game RIP-OFFS That Were BETTER Than The Original

10 Video Game RIP-OFFS That Were BETTER Than The Original
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46 thoughts on “10 Video Game RIP-OFFS That Were BETTER Than The Original”

  1. crush the castle is almost completly cooler (but not all the way completely) than angry birds, saints row 3 is the best saints row game but GTA5 is better online, mortal kombat 100% is way better!!

  2. Bayonetta is in no way a rip-off.. both games were made by the same guy.. he wanted to make Bayonetta first but the developers wouldn't want a female led game at the time so he had to create Dante. If anything, it's a reskin.

  3. The same guy, Hideki Kaiya made Devil May Cry and Bayonetta, so it isn't really a rip off, it was meant to be the game that pushes the bar that Devil May Cry had set.

  4. Man! remember Bust a Groove!? while everyone played guitar freaks or guitar heroes i was playing Bust a groove! but i love Me my Metal Slug and King of fighters and samurai shodown!

  5. SMB 2 wasn't a rip off…
    Nintendo recycled it into the Mario universe because Doki Doki Panic was made to promote the Dream Festival in Japan and Westerns wouldn't have been able to connect to the Dream Factory Family because they were irrelevant everywhere but Japan…

    Also… Being inspired by something doesn't mean ripping it off.

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