33 thoughts on “POLYBIUS – The Video Game That Doesn’t Exist”

  1. Smashing work Stuart!!! Keep up the fantastic work you talented bugger, you! Toppers video, don't know how many hours you've spent learning all the programs you use to produce the final product and the extreme investigation lengths you've gone to.

  2. The stories about the FBI coming into the arcade to check the game I have a hypothesis for. Because it’s a solid flow of legit money be it through coins or paper for arcade tokens an arcade would be a perfect money laundering operation.

  3. Not to pick but early video games were often made by one person. Even classic titles known for their complexity at the time were made by a few people. One dude that had access to an arcade could get their game in. Some programming skill, the ability to create some sprites, the equipment and a year in mom's basement could lead to a great game.

  4. please next time when showing flashing images put a disclamer of your own i suffer from epilepsy myself and it can be really bad the 59:14 till the end of the small clip from that arcade game tiggered it for me luckly i was in bed but it would be extreamly useful for anyone else if you do decide to put a disclaimer of your own in some videos thank you

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