Top 10 Video Game Industry Trends That DIED

Top 10 Video Game Industry Trends That DIED // Subscribe: // TIMESTAMPS BELOW
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Well, it was fun while it lasted! These are the fads, crazes, upheavals and ridiculous trends that took the gaming industry by storm, only to clear up and disappear within a few years. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 DEAD Video Game Industry Trends.

00:43 #10. Blockbuster Video Exclusives
01:19 #9. Gimmick 3rd Party Game Controllers
02:01 #8. Everything is Zombies
02:45 #7. Live Action FMV Games (and Cutscenes)
03:37 #6. Arcades on Every Street Corner
04:21 #5. “Realistic” Brown Color Palette
05:18 #4. Hint Hotlines
06:01 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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48 thoughts on “Top 10 Video Game Industry Trends That DIED”

  1. Number 2: Put game in console and play. Now, you have to do all kinds of shit like updates and wait for it to load.
    Number 1: Actually gaming. Now, we just talk about the consoles and all the features they have and never say, "let's play a video game."

  2. I'm actually very sad that arcades are gone. We still had a few around where I was growing up and even some in our local Pizza Hut back when I was a kid. Alas, they have faded away.

  3. Number one makes me kinda sad actually. I'd love to have some more mascot characters again to counter the overabundance of "realistic" looking games.
    Games are a way to escape reality, right? So why are we trying so hard to recreate reality?

  4. i dont know the motion controller has advanced to the vr point and soon who knows what ………… i miss the mascots going in a shop and seeing crash trying to tempt you to buy crash 3

  5. This is a horrible list, most of these "gimmicks" still exist. Maybe change it to "Gimmicks that haven't changed much"?

    VR is a huge part of motion sensing and we all believe there is a market there with video gaming. VR is the new motion sensing…and it hasnt done much, but its still there. Even the Nintendo Switch and the DS has its small attempt… using sensors and touch screen to make games more dynamic on a Mobile basis. Wow! Sensors rock.

    The cheesy commercial thing is relative. That Gears of War commercial you edited in, these days, is old and really… corny. Video game commercials are just a bad attempt into trying to get the general public and its trend, on board. That doesnt work at all… ten years later looking back at any of them. They still exist and they still all look bad.

    Your brown filter thing… is a thing? And at the very top of the list? Even if it was a thing… i never noticed enough, or cared, to know the difference then or now… which im sure still exists.

    Call of Duty WWII has a zombie mode.

    I have an arcade at my local bowling alley, Chuck E Cheese, Sports Bar, Dave and Busters, and general family center.
    Mojo, also take the Bolt ad out. Wow guys.

  6. There's always going to be a market for Mascot platformers. There is still so much potential within the genre. If Mario is the only real Platformer left then that's just a bunch of wasted potential. Games like a Hat in Time and Yooka-Laylee are just the beginning of a 3D Platformer renaissance.

  7. Um, we have a big arcade at our local mall, and the other mall a few miles away has a Dave & Busters, which is basically a big ass arcade. There's big arcades at our 3 local blowing alleys too. That 5 arcades in a 5 mile radius. WatchMojo FAIL……as usual. Seriously, do you guys do ANY research before you make these videos?

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