Top 10 Worst Rewards in Video Game History

We count down the top ten worst rewards in the history of video games!

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Halo 2:
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Mario 64:
Shadow of the Colossus:
Shadow of the Colossus:

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38 thoughts on “Top 10 Worst Rewards in Video Game History”

  1. Where is Super Mario Galaxy? There are two horrible rewards. For beating the game 100% with Mario and Luigi, you unlock Grand Finale Galaxy, which is just 100 purple coins in an enemyless level you visit at the start.
    Or, if you want to really get annoyed, collect 9999 star bits, and if you're not too sick of the game at this point, you can enter obscure beach levels to find the coconuts are now watermelons.

  2. At least the lives on the Super Mario 64 game were usable… why didn't you include the absolutely nothing you get from the "center of the Universe" in No Man's Sky, Or the bullshit rupee reward from collecting all gold skultulas in Ocarina of Time? In the game VVVVVV, there's the Vini, Vidi, Vici part where you can go through countless hours worth of deaths only for a shiny trinket. In Fallout: New Vegas, collecting all those Sunset Sarsaparilla Star Caps gave you a puny laser pistol that could only shoot 400 times before burning out. On NORMAL ammo.

  3. Basically everything you get in Breath of the Wild. Oh wow. A rare sword. Too bad it'll break. Oh wow. ANOTHER Spirit Orb. Oh wow. ANOTHER heart container/Stamina Wheel. ANOTHER Korok seed. All the permanent rewards are so generic.The only tangible, unique rewards are the Champion powers and costumes. Everything else either breaks or is painfully redundant. Makes doing anything feel unrewarding and a waste of time, and is the reason the game has plummeted in my estimation.

  4. You forgot minecraft going on a huge adventure find the portal go in it take 1 hour to beat the ender gragon and whats the reward? Ahhhh the dragon egg wich you cant do anything with it (sorry for my spelling)

  5. You forgot minecraft going on a huge adventure find the portal go in it take 1 hour to beat the ender gragon and whats the reward? Ahhhh the dragon egg wich you cant do anything with it (sorry for my spelling)

  6. A golden poop is a kind of popular thing in Japan, something about "golden poop" sounding similar to or being a pun on "good luck" in Japanese. Can't be arsed to Google it now though

  7. the one about destiny isnt true … they changed the rarity of the rifle but not the stats , it was done only to make it feels more unique as last mission reward but even at the before that patch it was a good weapon, not too powerfull not too weak , you could have and when u got that weapon even it was low "item level" it did more dmg than the others weapons of the same lvl

  8. When you've found princess Toadstool in the last level of Super Mario Bros for Nintendo, she says (she doesn't actually say it, because in those days, gamecharacters couldn't speak, so they utilized the technique used in the silent movies.): "Thank you, Mario, but our princess is in another castle. . . Just kidding, ha ha", then it's Game Over.

  9. gotta admit, when Nintendo gives their fans, that spent a lot of money on a new console then the game that they bought the console for, a golden turd. it's not even worth denying it anymore. Nintendo is mocking the very people that keep it alive.

  10. every time i play destiny and do something the obviously should give you something really good, it doesnt happen. the fixed that with rise of iron. i got an exotic sword!

  11. Check your facts guys! You screwed up on the Gex entry. Getting a perfect on all bonus levels unlocks a series of extra levels that you can play through before taking on the last boss. If you beat them all you get the berating text but afterwards your treated to a slideshow of a bunch of production art as well as some concept art for a early build of the game that was scraped. It would have taken place on a world of geckos that was invaded by space aliens and it would have been up to Gex to save them. The additional levels plus the production art was a worthy award for mastering the game.

  12. Made the effort to collect all 900 Korok seeds only to be given a gold gilded pile of crap made my jaw hit the floor. I swear I could hear the Nintendo employees giggling in their office. The journey, however, was really the true gift.

  13. Hey, the 100 lives in Mario 64 weren't useless! My relatives and I set out on a journey to document 100 ways to kill Mario, giving us several more hours of enjoyment out of the game as we laughed at his screams of agony. And I'm certain many other kids did the same. 😀

  14. The reason I don't want to repeat breath of the wild.

    Also the side quest rewards were very disappointing to.

    Not counting the shrines those were cool.

  15. I dunno, the whole secret garden in Shadow of the Colossus meant quite a bit to me, anyway. Quite deep; you enter this promised land to seek miracles and atop the most monumental feat was to return to what is "normal"

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