Top Five Worst Video Game Communities

Not meant as a personal attack against anyone. I think contentious topics like these are perfectly manageable if you approach them from a reasonable perspective. Probably a good way of enjoying some of these games. Just don’t be a dick.

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33 thoughts on “Top Five Worst Video Game Communities”

  1. Actually my experience from some of the comments with the Dark souls community? The random invaders yeah go die in a hole I dont pvp leave me alone.

    But the online people? ON boards and such? Aside from the occasional troll (which you get in a lot of places lets be honest) Most of the time they're helpful

    Say your having trouble with a boss, tell them what kind of character your using (Melee str/dex ect ect ect) and they'll usually have some advice or suggestions that might help. And they're willing to help with questions.

    Hell sometimes you'll find someone who'll go 'hey whats your soul level/memory I'll go put my sign down and help ya out' instead which is a wonderful way to get past a tough boss or area.

    so yeah it might have its dreary parts but for the large part I'm finding the Souls community pretty good.

  2. I'm surprised you didn't have Pokemon on here. I love Pokemon, but the fans can be absolutely vicious sometimes, and it rolls a lot of other communities problems into one. You've got the people who fight about which generation is best and shit talk any they don't like, you've got the competitive vs casual player arguments, you've got the Rule 34ers that only make porn of Pokemon and do nothing else, etc.
    As for a fandom that isn't trash, I'd probably say the Kirby fandom is one of the better ones, and I'd put that to how cute and fun Kirby games are.

  3. Pokemon is the worst fanbase. End of story. You show one lack of knowledge about the game? they go all over you. It's literally got all of the qualities. Terrible R34 fanart problems. Competitive elitists filling it. Some of the worst nostalgia blind people out there. The base is simply nonaccepting of other people's views. Not only that, they gloss over every game's problems. No one realizes how exploitative the pokemon games are? No one sees anything wrong with them? See, it's literally, IMO, the worst base out there.

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