Fifteen Minutes of Old School Video Game Nostalgia

It was inevitable that, at some point, we’d talk about old video games. This is that time.

Links for the new mini-consoles: [nb: affiliate links to Amazon. But like Matt says, just buy the original on eBay instead.]
SNES Classic:
Megadrive Portable:

The Micro Machines J-Cart:

Old games emulated on the Internet Archive:
Alley Cat:

Arnie isn’t available, but Arnie 2 is:

Tom talking about the Amstrad 1512:


20 thoughts on “Fifteen Minutes of Old School Video Game Nostalgia”

  1. I realise I casually dismissed an entire genre of art here by saying "I haven't played video games in years". It's a bit like saying "I haven't been to the cinema in years". In my defence, I also haven't been to the cinema in years. — Tom

  2. Here’s a fun thing you probably didn’t know of: A games company called Zachtronics actually developed and shipped an MS-DOS port of a mini-game from another one of their games in mid 2017. Its called Shenzen Solitaire for MS-DOS, but you cant get it anymore because it was a one time kickstarter

  3. I'm always amazed when a random YouTuber – in this case, Tom Scott, mentions another random YouTuber who does something completely different – in this case Ashens, and I recognize them both.

  4. I think the GB boy actually has a valid market if I remember correctly. It is backlit and the original game boy screens are starting to naturally degrade. This means you can have a portable handheld to run game boy games in any lighting condition and to actually work.

  5. The GB Boy color is actually pretty useful. The original gameboys in good condition go for a lot of money on eBay & co., and they still are limited by the technologies of their time. For example, the screen didn't had a backlight(AFAIK), the display has scanlines and generally a bad contrast and color reproduction. The GB Boy color has a modern display with all the advantages it brings, and even runs the normal cardridges.

  6. So Tom hangs toilet paper the proper way AND knows Double Dash is the best Mario Kart.
    Unreal Tournament still is an awesome game (even more awesome if you learn UnrealEd) and Elite Force 1 and 2 were great games.

  7. 70% of the time I watched my brother play or dad work, waiting for my turn (Macintosh Plus). I would play Shufflepuck Cafe, Bolo, Glider, NumberMaze, and tons of others. When we got a Apple PowerPC I/we could play tons of dos games. Commander Keen, A10 attack just the ones I still remember the name. Me and my brother get nostalgic and revisit them. The Macintosh Plus still works, including expansion.

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