Welcome to DBCember ’17 | Top Dragonball Videogames!

Dragonball has a huge catalog of video games and this year we’ll be counting down our top 24 leading up to a special DBZ Abridged surprise on Christmas day!
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36 thoughts on “Welcome to DBCember ’17 | Top Dragonball Videogames!”

  1. I just watched one of your black and white films where the civil war guys were bringing a Comanche to their fort and the ending made me wonder if they made it so I was wondering if you could tell me if they made it to the fort or not.

  2. Dragon Ball Resurrection F skit

    Goku: who is that
    Friza: you don't remember me I fought you (flash back) he did not see my frist from
    Goku: what! Did you say
    Friza: I am the pizza guy what wou…
    Goku: pizza wait you are freezer
    Friza: how do you know!!!
    Goku: you threw them at me and you cut your self with them wow that was weird how do I Rember that

  3. What the fuck. Been months since the last episode of abridged and here I check yalls Chanel and I find tons of “top 24 games” all from December. How bout y’all quit being lazy and wasting effort on shitty top lists and finish that fucking cell saga I actually invested time into? Fucking asshole shitbag cunts…

  4. Yo not even kidding, you dudes hit the nail on the head perfectly with this list! Us fans who are age 25+ remember the classic games up until today's games and I feel as if you truly were fair and as a die hard fan my self, I couldn't agree more with DBZT3 as number 1. Awesome work guys, watching this for my Xmas eve 🙂 thank you!

  5. So the DBZ Christmas gift… I forget what video it was, but they did confirm that it's NOT Episode 60 coming out tomorrow. It also can't be the next movie, because they tend to release those as they make sense in the timeline (even though, like with normal Dragon Ball, DBZA doesn't consider these canonical), and the next movie, Bojack, doesn't come until after Cell is defeated and King Kai's planet is destroyed. It also probably won't be a special, since most of those have already been done, and the ones that haven't are way down the line.

    So what is it? While TFS has been doing some Super shorts, I don't think they'll be abridging Super until after they've finished Z. My vote is for Dragon Ball Abridged. That would be really cool. While I think it's very possible that TFS abridges GT at some point, I also don't think that's very likely at this point. Another possibility is maybe a retake of Episode 1? That could be cool.

  6. SNES Hyper dimensions was my absolute Fav DBZ game. Got that late 90's and played it to death. Loved the epic battles me and my friend used to have me as Goku (teleporting FTW) and him with Cell/Freeze and their ultimate perfectly timed. Good memories!

  7. Just make more dbz abridged, you fucking dipshits. That’s literally the only reason anyone clicked on this side bait bullshit; no one cares about anything except your original product. You are just pouring jizz on cereal instead of milk; we want more milk, not this jizz.

  8. @TeamFourStar I have the best idea for the next top 24 for dbcember next year. The top 24 Saiyans! The following list is in no particular order. I will leave it to you guys to rank them and make it exciting!
    13.King Vegeta
    18.Goku Jr
    19.Vegeta Jr
    23.Goku Black
    24.Cell (he technically has saiyan dna making him part Saiyan)
    Honorable Mentions
    5.Cell Jrs
    There you have it folks a ready-made list for next year! Please make this video for me! I can't wait to see how funny you guys make it and what order you choose them in.
    P.s. Taka you are so fucking hot!

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