15 Saddest Scenes In Video Games That Will Stay With You For Years

Life is adorned with both happy and sad moments. Video games are no exception and while many things in a game could make you sad – like messing up a perfect run in Dead Cells or losing a ranked match – there are some really tragic scenes which stay with you for years. Let’s take a look at 15 of the saddest scenes in video games as examples.





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  1. Hello everyone! We have tried to include lesser known and new scenes along with some already well known ones in this video. We are hoping you will appreciate this. For more on videos that will possibly make you cry or feel emotional, check these out!

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  2. Lunafreya's death scene cannot be placed in the list. even if the scene is beautifull, we didn't see Luna long enough to get attached to her. i can even dare say that we don't care about her.

  3. Thane's death is even sadder if you chose him as your lover in ME2 and have the Citadel DLC for 3. You'll get a video journal from him that includes one additional entry where he more or less says goodbye, and Shepard starts crying. Gets me every time.

  4. Is it sad that the thumbnail was exactly the same pic as the profile picture of my crush who I never got to tell my feelings before loosing contact…?

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