ASMR rambling about ASMR & Video Games/ etc (mic scratching, whispering, sounds)

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just talking about stuffs.

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37 thoughts on “ASMR rambling about ASMR & Video Games/ etc (mic scratching, whispering, sounds)”

  1. The part near the end with the mic scratching and tongue clicking was tingle city! And that alpaca hoodie is adorable asf. Was cool to hear about how you discovered ASMR and started your channel; your old game show-and-tell tapping vids are some of my favs. We should revisit the idea of a game swap collab so that you have some more physical games to tap on haha.

  2. I've went through at least 20 ASMR videos and couldn't get relaxed enough to feel any sorta sleepy but then the universe blessed me with this channel recommendation and yee now I'm subscribed and sleepy af lol

  3. You should join the LoL community! However, keep in mind it is very toxic at times, but it is very fun with friends and a lot different than other games that I play! You should also try getting over it and make a play through!!

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