Brazil’s Video Game Gray Markets

Brazil’s complicated history with electronics has created an alternate universe of video games.

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23 thoughts on “Brazil’s Video Game Gray Markets”

  1. I feel like most people watching this video are brazilians (like myself) which is a shame because it would be interesting if people from foreign countries gave their own commentary.
    EDIT: I am not saying that brazilians shouldn't watch this video lol, in fact it is an interesting video for us to watch too.

  2. I used to live in the UAE and we have a place thats very similar to this gray market. It's what made video games popular in the first place in Abu Dhabi and it was almost solely through piracy and unofficial stuff.

  3. $3000 um PS4 em São Paulo, agora eu entendo pq vários comerciantes vem.para o Paraná abastecer seus estoques no Paraguai. O meu saiu por U$$300, a base de R$1.100,00. A margem de lucro de revenda é 100%, sem falar que para quem compra em quantidade deve sair mais barato.

  4. This remember the Mexican market videogames in late 80's and early 90's, went i was kid all my nes and snes games was buy in "Fayuca" markets that don't pay taxes and importation fee so was cheaper than in a legal store, right now is not commond to buy like that but compared with Brazil we are in heaven with our prices. just and example of prices Xbox x or Playstation Pro in my local store ( Sams club or cotsco) is 10 mil pesos like 510 us dollars the switch with a game combo 350 dollars…by th way, all this Brazillians consoles surelly are and object of desiree to videogames collectors, good video

  5. My whole family is from Brazil, and I remember living there for short amounts of time as a kid and wondering why all things related to games where so expensive or just damn near impossible to find. This is so enlightening and informative +1 sub from me!!! saúde!!!

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