Dragon Age 4 – The Janis Joplin Of Video Games?

Got another vlog styled video!

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30 thoughts on “Dragon Age 4 – The Janis Joplin Of Video Games?”

  1. She died before the 4th album was released, that also fits the possibility that DA and BioWare as a whole will die before its 4th game because that is what will happen if Anthem bombs. I am pretty optimistic that Anthem will make it though. It will also attract the Destiny audience which is sick of their game/its developers and wants something else.
    Not being overly pessmistic here either, EA killed studios for way less than what BW already did and Anthem being their last hope was mentioned by a trustworthy journalist.

  2. Hippie -> doesn't it stand for peace, love and freedom?
    Maybe a hint that the new hero ends the slavery in Tevinter or/and the war with the Qunari in a certain way.
    Maybe he / she is or was a slave. Dorian said in DA4, that Tevinter's story was full of heroes who had risen from the lowest classes. And he said, of course, all these stories are not true. Would be funny to play a hero just like that and make it become real.

  3. One major thing they need to get rid of is the “Inquisition points” system. I mean, this isn’t a mmorpg, I shouldn’t be locked out of a level based on points. Also, I would like to see them trash the open world in favor of more linear maps, and bring back the deep storytelling/relationships of Origins. Also, no more mindless quests. Sometimes, less is more. I think Inquisition did amazing in the character creator, except for the hair…. that was awful. Bring back the separate styles for men and women with a few shared hairstyles. If they do these things, then I believe it could live up to the code name.

  4. I don't know about 4 being the last game, but if they did work it out that way, then we'd still have a collection of four games to a well-loved series, and that's fantastic. The up side to that would be that they could begin another series using the world, but set it in a different era and call that series (Name) Age. Maybe give us some of what happened before Origins, or after the end of the Dragon Age. There are loads of possibilities, so I wouldn't be immediately upset if DA4 was the last game in this series.

    As to the Joplin code name, I think it's brilliant. I've been a fan of Janis Joplin for most of my life, and I would personally love for this next game to live up to a name like hers. It would be spectacular to see this game do for fantasy RPGs what she did for rock.

  5. I don't think DA4 will be the last one. I remember Laidlaw has said on Twitter to fans that they have ideas for at least 2 more games (besides 4 I guess). I think they're just aiming high for the scale and quality of DA4. Awesome vid, Jack! Love the hair!

  6. Love your videos man, i always watch then. Good to see someone who likes dragon age games and mass effect games as much as me. Keep on the good work and see you or hear you 😉 in the next video. Like always i will leave a like.

  7. It's nice to see the cute face behind the voice here and there with these type of vids. Dragon Age is still one of my fave RPGs so I hope DA4 does well! I do not think it will be the final one simply because of how many people love the series thus far.

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