Lose weight playing video games, yes it’s finally possible. Thanks to Virtual Reality you can easily shed a few pounds in no time. VR is amazing for immersive exercise, and worth checking out, and while you’re at it, check out my channel:

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  1. i lost over 40 lbs playing just dance 2 3 and 4 on the wii.
    and i cheap out while playing. as i have AS (arthritis) it can be hard most days to dance.
    i play 4 to 6 songs a day 3 days a week. going to be under 200 really soon.
    healthy weight here i come. oh and sprint vector is still my number game to get for the year so far.

  2. I can't believed you didn't mention Sparc, that game shows (on my smartwatch) that I burn more calories and sweat more than my treadmill….I mean….commmmooooooonnnnnnnAaaaaaaa! Smoooches bro!!!

  3. Come on how about us lazy video gamers get out the fucking house and do a 30 min cardio workout! Seriously I love my psvr, and I love feeling healthy but let’s not get it twisted a real work out is better then convincing yourself video games with slight movement standing in the same 4×4 areas is not real exercising

  4. Take this as positive Criticism and not negatively!! But Promises? You shouldn’t be making false promises..Really sorry but do u understand the concept of losing and gaining weight?? “U will lose calories”… Yes this is correct what u said, but one major factor u r missing is that it’s calories in vs calories out! So promising someone they will lose weight without a full explanation is really bad and it can lead to overeating and further weight gain! Someone who doesn’t understand that u lose weight by burning more than u take in, can be led to over eating as they feel like they lost weight by playing the game u recommend or jogging etc and this lead them to feel like they can reward themselves with a treat, but if they are maxed out on their daily intake already after playing the game, then they are going into a surplus and therefore over eating which will lead to weight gain! I think u should have 100% addressed this video in a better way as it’s not accurate and again can lead to people gaining weight rather than losing weight! Sorry but this is my area of expertise and ok it’s great to push a healthier lifestyle but it has to be the correct information and addressed the correct way, in order for people to fully understand.

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