How I Got $1500 Worth of Rare Video Games for FREE on Ebay

The title should be ‘How I got over $1500 of stuff on Ebay and got paid to take it. Lol, but I guess it does involve a little time investment to do this and time is money.

Ugh this camera, it always looks overexposed. Looks fine on the little screen and then it’s not. I need to turn down the settings.

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37 thoughts on “How I Got $1500 Worth of Rare Video Games for FREE on Ebay”

  1. Sounds like you just got lucky and found some sucker that didn't know what they had. Probably someones Mother,Wife,Girlfriend, selling their Sons,Husbands,Ex-boyfriends stuff to get rid of it or one of those I've gone bankrupt need money now to save my home auctions. I've been collecting PS2 games for a good while and even back than Rule of Rose cost me like $85bucks and Haunting Ground was like $50 something. Whoever made that lot was desperate.

  2. I rarely watch your vaping channel that I discovered you, but do thumb you up to help out. I like this one more. Great to see you're a Ratchet & Clank fan. Please do a video and share some of your prized gaming collection. You're a hoot, but also entertaining too. Anything you do is fine in my opinion, plus you are cute!

  3. There are times when I'm impressed that you must be busiest girl on the planet – and then there are times when I wonder if someone has too much time on their hands. Whatever works, and you seem to be smiling a whole lot, so carry on.

  4. I like the way you think, Zophie. I used to do something similar on eBay; I would watch for newly listed "buy it now" items that I knew were underpriced, then turn them back around and auction them for more. Score!

  5. I'm sure you know this but you can tell if a book has been read by looking at the spine. If the spine is wrinkled then it has been used. Anywho, I do something like that also. Sure is nice not working for the "Man"

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