How Video Games Taught Me To Win As An Entrepreneur | Money Monday Ep. 5

In today’s episode of “Money Monday” I share 3 principles that I learned as a kid growing up from playing video games that made me into a better entrepreneur!

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17 thoughts on “How Video Games Taught Me To Win As An Entrepreneur | Money Monday Ep. 5”

  1. This really resonates. For one I was on Xband. Such a small community we probably played each other (,SF & Madden). My God the the lag lol …. 2. You have to be hardheaded to succeed. My friends would rage quit or give up in Mike Tyson's punch out (sandman in particular) but I knew it was just a matter of figuring out the pattern. That everything I needed to win was in my hand , and in my head. Odd lesson but it sunk in. These vids have been absolutely superb. They need more views and likes.
    Epilogue : I sent Nintendo Power a Polaroid of me finally beating Tyson but they never published lol. Legend has it Cliff B creator of Gears Of War was on that list ,ha !

  2. Great stuff as always man. Couple questions. What game were you playing on the switch? When can I beat you in Street Fighter? LOL! Thanks for the reminder to keep going. Sometimes we forget to never give up. Appreciate it!

  3. True, a friend of mine always say that he wants to be good at photoshop, but never even try to look up how to do it instead always say that he couldn't do it, he wishes he can do it. And he got all the internet connection only for playing video games..

  4. Thank you for the great and inspiring content as always. Your experiences really mirror my own and it puts things in perspective. Thank you again for blazing the trail for people like us and showing that the goal isn't impossible.

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