8 Most Terrifying Video Game Enemies (And What They Represent)

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46 thoughts on “8 Most Terrifying Video Game Enemies (And What They Represent)”

  1. I call falsehood to the ideal of beauty not existing; how are we then able to imagine such and have a perception of what is beautiful? And is it not individual what is perceived as such?

  2. I find the idea or the Nyx Avatar in Persona 3 more scary than that of Kumino Sagiri in P4G.
    The queen of the night who is proclaimed to descend upon the earth bringing death to all life as we know it. Sad thing is you befriend 2 of its previous forms before she appears. Her coming to the world cannot be delayed as it was destiny. You get given a pretty screwed up choice near the end of the game prior to Her appearing which determines how the cast reacts to her appearance.
    What's even scarier is that there is a persona group called Strega who know of her destined arrival and want to make humanity easy prey for her.
    Her boss fight is long and arduous but very philosophical as she will comment on different aspects of life and their relations to the Major Arcana in tarot.
    She's probably the best final boss in the 3 persona games I've played to completion.

  3. Also Catherine was the last game I played before my PS3 decided to crap out on me and did not play anymore games or read any discs. You could still watch tv on it but online access limited what good is a game system if it don’t play games?

  4. dead space 2 regenerators because screw the dead space 3 ones dead space 2 was better and more horrifying fuck off every time I saw one it filled me with utter dread. the speed, the sound, the skin it was horrible

  5. Obvious choice is obvious but Pyramid Head in his first appearance and being a reflection of the main character (going so far as to be coated with old blood and then fresh blood later on)

  6. Back in elementary school I played resident evil for the PlayStation. There was a cutscene when the zombie turns it's head to look at you and I was too scared to keep playing after that. I had my cousin play through most of the game. Everytime I got scared I'd pause the game and pass the controller

  7. I'm shocked nothing from Bloodborne made it on the list. There's tons of scary enemies visually but if you're going for disturbing appearance AND backstory then Ludwig would work perfectly.

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