36 thoughts on “8 Promising Video Games That Totally Botched Their Launch”

  1. Not a single Nintendo game in sight. Why? Quality over quantity, and gameplay over graphics. Call me a Nintendo fanboy blah blah blah, but the truth is the truth. They'll forever remain the father of video games.

  2. games that require internet connection is completely stupid.  I was looking forward to THE DIVISION, and even though it could be a single player game it still required the internet and had a free roam map you had to run around until you could find where to continue the story.  Same with Homefront Revolution.  Do game makers really think that making shit needing the internet more really makes the game better?

  3. this is why I never buy day one or new games. I always wait at least a few months, to actually hear the truth about the games. not the paid media reviews and hype. I learned from ME3

  4. LOL the title and video description being different, and everyone losing their mind like its so terrible, its just a mistake that DOSNT MATTER, this is why youtube comments suck and we cant have nice things

  5. Pretty sure the Title is meant for the video lol meaning it’s not supposed to be that way( so many literal people lol). Some of these games have been fixed( to some degree) but if it takes years to fix is it really worth it lol Unity might be great now, but it’s been about 4 years lol

  6. I played AC Unity very recently. Seems they mostly fixed the issues it had, at least PC side. Game played fine. I never saw the horrific inverted faces. Games was pretty good. Its a shame it launched so roughly.

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