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38 thoughts on “Clothing in Video Games”

  1. I fucking loving character fashions in media. Whether it's Kazuma Kaneko, Hirohiko Araki, TWEWY, Jet Set, Mirror's Edge or Tite Kubo, I adore looking at a character's style (or lack thereof). I love fighting games because of this, cause they are incredibly fertile ground. Tekken sells me on it's fashion choice ALONE. I would actually love to hear more if your thoughts on this (unless you got nothing).

  2. I'm spending a lazy Saturday binge watching your videos and FINE I will go and watch She's All That, you keep finding a way to bring it up, it must be good, right? There's no way you would keep inserting She's All That as a running gag if it had 0 value

  3. If they wanna have loot boxes, make the loot boxes the poverty option.
    Have an in-game shop where I can buy the cosmetics I actually want a la carte, and earnable lootboxes full of random shit that I get through gameplay.

  4. That's what loot boxes in overwatch are for, they reward you Everytime you level up and for taking your time to play their game granted you can get a shit pull but that just pushes the player to play more to get better so once they do get something good they feel rewarded, it's not like they're forcing you to buy the loot boxes hell after every winter blizzard gives you five free loot boxes which is fuckin awesome and its not hard to level up in that game either. I'd rather not pay 1.99$ for each fucking costume or pay 12$ for a bundle of them that'd be fucking idiotic and a waste if you want a game that doesn't involve loot boxes, here go play fortnite where a fucking costume costs literally 20 fucking dollars. I'd bet you'd really like that, whereas that game is simply pay to win and I'd rather not pay 2400$ a month just to play W.O.W either. Simply put loot boxes are the easiest and best way unless if they did it like how the black ops franchise did it where you get a certain amount of headshots in a game just to unlock a character and simply having all the costumes unlocked for free would just be unappealing and completely stupid, they wanna reward you with their system not bore you with it or push you away. Loot boxes are the only way to get you to want it more I like the loot boxes in overwatch I feel like they're the only ones who did it right with the system don't try to ruin it for me just bc you don't like it

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