Video Game Theatre Presents: “POP CULTURAL PIRATE CONNOISEUR,” Life Is Strange (2015)

Welcome once again to an illustrious episode of the one and only Video Game Theatre. Today, we shall ride the ocean waves of transcendence as we collectively experience what can only be described as one of the purest, most recondite moments in gaming, nay humanity, courtesy of Life Is Strange. Help yourself to a delicious boiled sweet and join us as we sip from the glass of life, fortified with reverie and delicately garnished with a refreshing slice of perspicacity. Bask in the chilled potable as it tempers the fiery ardor within your soul, and revel in the knowledge that you, too, are a pop cultural pirate connoisseur. Cheers.

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40 thoughts on “Video Game Theatre Presents: “POP CULTURAL PIRATE CONNOISEUR,” Life Is Strange (2015)”

  1. Jesus. Episode 1 of LiS was rough. It's possible to have a less cringy version of this same conversation with different dialogue options so I never knew it was this bad…

  2. I just noticed the logo at the end of the credits that says Polygon, and has affiliations that I'm assuming are for SEO Play, Monster Factory, and Please Retweet.

  3. God, they finally perform a scene from a game I've actually played, and OF COURSE, they go with a cringe-inducing Warren conversation. This was hilarious though, Simone and Pat are hella amazing.

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