Goodwill GRAND OPENING JACKPOT ! // A Must Watch! // Video Games, Pokemon Cards, Miracle Piano +

Join us as we search for Video Games at garage sales, thrift stores and flea markets. We will buy anything from video games to barbies if it helps fund the collection. We will also give occasional tips and tricks for what to look for and how to find great items at garage sales and thrift stores!







38 thoughts on “Goodwill GRAND OPENING JACKPOT ! // A Must Watch! // Video Games, Pokemon Cards, Miracle Piano +”

  1. Looks like that Mewtwo is like twice your estimate, which is always nice. Great scores. I'll have to look through my son's collection. He's got over 10k cards I'd guess. I pick them up whenever I find them cheap at yard sales, but have never really looked through them with him. Guess it's time lol.

  2. Holey controllers Batman! I've been buying Xbox One Controllers at an Ebay store for around $35 a piece CAD; but even converting $15USD to Canadian is still insane. Are they the newer ones with bluetooth?

  3. Wow what an epic haul, I used to have all the 1st edition pokemon until I decided pokemon was for little kids and not for a grow ass 13 year olds so I though lol damn I miss those old cards I remember I got a free mutu pokemon card for the pokemon movie way back when ha good times. And that boxed miracle piano unreal find. Magikarp was my best pokemon card lol jk charizard was though I really liked Blastoise with those badass water cannons on his back ha even after 19 years I still remember all their names you can't beat the original pokemon.

  4. Joe and I never have luck like that at our goodwills lol. They pulled out all the good stuff for that grand opening, like "Well it's brand new, lotsa people, lets show them the good shit" nice finds nice finds.

  5. Haha just finished pushing a car out of my yard. and I'm still the Hulk was in a ditch so I left for a bit. nice score by the way Chase it's awesome when you go do the hunt. get to the point do the recap those are my favorite videos later. Ps the guy gave me twenty bucks for helping him.

  6. First pack of pokemon cards i ever opened when I was a kid was base set and I pulled a Mewtwo! I had all kinds of good cards, but sadly got rid of them a long time ago.

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