#1361 Atari GRAVITAR & ASTEROIDS-Plus Technos WRESTLEFEST Arcade Video Games-TNT Amusements

Todd & Rob Tuckey show you 4 classic Arcade Video Games shipping o a repeat customer living in Costa Rica. Atari’s GRAVITAR and ASTEROIDS, Bally Midway’s CRUISIN’ WORLD, and Technos WRESTLEFEST 4 Player. Todd also offers interesting background for GRAVITAR. Also, check out Gravitar Enthusiast DAN COOGAN and his website for lots more great information about this forgotten game!
We also show you upcoming games TWILIGHT ZONE, ROLLERGAMES, and KISS getting brand new artwork. THEN, TNT staff celebrate the Philadelphia Eagles Superbowl Win–with two YouTube Fans Kelly and Daniel helping out! What did they do?? Watch and find out!
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19 thoughts on “#1361 Atari GRAVITAR & ASTEROIDS-Plus Technos WRESTLEFEST Arcade Video Games-TNT Amusements”

  1. I remember the bulbs burning out in the four sided score board in the gym. It used the bulbs that were used in tube radio dials. I hope the Fair Play company replaced them with LEDs.

  2. Awesome Gravitar guys! Tempest is still my fav, but I love all the vector machines. You put a lot of hard work into your restorations. The secret to pumping all those games out?. Your feed your crew Donuts! Sugar rush!

  3. I see you got the side art done on Rollergames. The black is popping now. I can't tell if you guys touched up the playfield or installed the LED lighting yet because the box of donuts and Rob were in the way.

  4. Very interesting listening to you you guys talk about these old vector games. Asteroids was my love. Always wanted to make my own version, and finally released one called Solaroids for PCs. Are there still people coding for these vector displays? Can you get them still?

  5. I remember a game called Pot of Gold. You had to get to the pot of before the leprechaun. If you got to the gold the leprechaun would move a little and leave his outline in a tree.

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