Harley Quinn Cosplay Music Video – Games

Watch six incredible Harley Quinn cosplayers in a former prison in our latest Cosplay Music Video. In this video, we follow Harley as she reflects on her troubled love life.

We shot this video on location in a real former prison – the perfect place for a Harley Quinn video! Special thanks to Gaol Events for letting us film in their amazing location! Gaol Events are an airsoft and LARP site who run some really amazing events, check them out here:

Our cast of Harleys couldn’t have been better – they all worked super hard on the shoot and are excellent cosplayers so be sure to check them out below.

❤ Luminara Cosplay & Art
❤ Kyashi
❤ Jinxy Dragon Cosplay
❤ Graceless Cosplay
❤ Hildaglitz
❤ Gabi King

The music is Shibuya Sunrise’s original track “Games” which you can listen to on Spotify here: – also available on all other major music platforms.

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28 thoughts on “Harley Quinn Cosplay Music Video – Games”

  1. No wonder this took so long, there's so much love and care and work on this video! There's excellence in every frame and that's to the slow beat you can actually appreciate the quality of the lighting, the staging and the actors' movements and characterization. I LOVE EVERY BIT OF THIS!

  2. When I clicked on this video is already new it was going to be awesome but I was expecting the music to be fast and crazy like all the other songs that are used for harley quinn but This was just even better then i thought I love how the song is slower and is perfect for Harley and all the Harleys are Absolutely AMAZING.

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