How Much Do Gaming YouTubers Make in 2017? How To Earn Money Playing Videogames Full Time!

HOW MUCH MONEY DOES A GAMING YOUTUBER EARN? After nearly 200k views on my How Much Do Twitch Streamers Make video, I’m back with the promised YouTube video. This is a doozy – I reveal my REAL REVENUE for the last year of YouTubing. See how much Rum Ham enterprises earned from July 2016 to July 2017, explains how the ad economy works on YouTube. Find out real earned revenue for YouTube, ad impressions, sponsored videos, and affiliate marketing. If you want to be a YouTuber and play games full time, this is a must-watch video!

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33 thoughts on “How Much Do Gaming YouTubers Make in 2017? How To Earn Money Playing Videogames Full Time!”

  1. At the point of my posting this comment, I'm at over 16k subs, and my videos get anywhere from 10k-200k views and I just wanted to say that I found this information VERY accurate for those who are curious.

    Great video Rum Ham! Keep up the excellent work!

  2. bro dont get me worng but you KLICKBAIT with 450.000 usd is kind off scamy, why dont you put the real number what you did in video, cause Thumbnail is showing whole different story. i know you kinda working towards though…but as you said way to go

  3. See I think your missing out BIG TIME by not being an AFFILIATE! I have only 116 subs BUT I make more off my affiliate links then my google adsense. Like last month I did $56.00 in my affiliate links vs my $1.88 off YouTube. I think your missing out especially since those affiliate links are so passive over time !

  4. Hi Rum Ham! David here,

    Great info here, became concerned about some of my favorite YouTubers hurting because of the ad-pocolypse thing happening, so this put my mind at ease that they're really OK and won't have to sell their things to pay taxes etc or evicted. Which brings me to my question…

    Taxes.. I'm 34 so I have a good idea about the 1099 Form for taxes etc.. But that's the part that scares me. Past 7 years I dealt with them to pay fees etc and I didn't want to begin a channel, grow, and then fall into that pit trap AGAIN. it was hell man… What can I do to safeguard myself from all of that, and these sponsored vids and fame bit deals, also are included in the taxes you have to pay back to the IRS?

    Sorry to bug you about it bud, but do you ALSO have to pay taxes on twitch donations and subscriptions from their partner program? If I didn't become a partner or affiliate, would I essentially have to pay taxes and keep a record for all the donations I've got for that year? Soo sorry for all the questions and long post man. I favorited this video for future reference.

  5. Im late to the party here but i watched this and the twitch vid, I think the content was great, your voice is great, your speech, your energy, and I hope you continue to grow. Thank you for showing us these numbers and yet still keeping it hopefully that you can make this a career.

  6. A CSGO youtuber was offered $75,000 USD for a sponsorship on a gambling site, youtuber was focused on skin videos, about 300k subs. He didnt do it or name who sent the offer, but he talked about it

  7. I see these videos( this one, the app store secrets and the one for twich) really interesting and good quality. I ve looking for months and wathing tons of videos and yours has the best quality. You are even showing the chats, which give us even more deep information. Good job.

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