46 thoughts on “10 Hidden Video Game Design Secrets That Are Total Genius”

  1. Rubber banding is one of THE WORST game mechanics ever made Bar none period. Hot pursuit was the worst on PS3 you could literally see cops phasing through the map to catch up to you. FUCK YOU Omg I hate that shit SO MUCH

  2. the xcom mechanic isn't genius it's utter bullshit.
    what is even the point of having those percantage numbers in the game if they do not represent the actual probability of you hitting the enemy… yeah if you fucked up and lost a soilder you have a higher chance of making it to the end of the mission, but if you actually did everything right and want to be rewarded for your tactical decisions the game fucks you over… genius…

  3. Now that I know these some of them feel really cheap. Like the xcom one. Why give us the numbers if you know they're shit? I wouldn't need the buff for having a soldier killed if you didn't debuff me in the first place for being too good and not losing soldiers. The uncharted one and rubberbanding are also just awful

  4. Yo, FUCK "rubber-banding". Seriously.

    This encourages people to do "okay", and only give a shit at the very end of a race. EA used to make this optional in a game or two, called "Catch Up", WAY before Mario DD. Nowadays, I won't waste my time on a game containing this crap. "Genius". Get the fuck outta here with this shit.

  5. #8 "enemies get redirected towards railings so they fall off when they die"

    Doesn't show a single clip of an enemy falling off a railing.

    Truly outstanding work.

  6. There’s a really cool video on dark souls 3 about music theory and why the Dancer of the boreal Alley is really hard (ps. The music and attack pattern is in 3/4 insteas of standard/easy to learn pattern like 4/4)

  7. These aren't genius tactics by the devs. It's cheating, laziness, robbing the player of an honest experience, or outright shenanigans and lies.

    The player geta a false sense of accomplishment because the devs couldn't find other ways to balance the game.

    It's utter bullshit.

  8. 6:20 Gta Online does something similar with races in terms of catch up, but in reverse. They prefer to slow down the speed of the cars in front instead of boosting the ones in the back. It affects your car so much you can hear it revving down and dropping a down a gear, the sound is painful to listen to.

    I always believe if you cannot win based on your own merits, thats your problem not mine. Why bother to excel at the game if the other players will get a leg up and/or a handicap placed on you so that they can compete?

    It sucks losing not because your opponent was better, but because the game intentionally slows you down right near the end and they slipstream past you at the last second.

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