5 Video Games Sony Forced To Be Censored

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This video takes a look a 5 video games Sony forced to be censored.


31 thoughts on “5 Video Games Sony Forced To Be Censored”

  1. I dare to ask this who do they think they are aiming games at???the percentage of games that are even for kids anymore is is well go to Nintendo if you want kiddie games that seems to be their thing but overall THESE ARE FOR ADULTS!!!!and seriously do they think we can't take it???

  2. if you do not like a games content then don't buy it, don't complain about it, and don't get it censored you down syndrome retards instead just go play the bleach drinking game sure your just love that

  3. I don't see why people get so upset that Live and Reloaded had slightly more censorship than the original game. Mechanically and visually it's the definitive version of Bad Fur Day, and the multiplayer wasn't half bad either.

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