Games vs CG! Kingdom Hearts 3 vs Toy Story Graphics Comparison

Are Kingdom Hearts 3’s Pixar-inspired visuals better than those in the original Toy Story? With a new D23 trailer showing a Toy Story themed level, we can finally answer that question to an extent – where results are in places superior than the original film.

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26 thoughts on “Games vs CG! Kingdom Hearts 3 vs Toy Story Graphics Comparison”

  1. Toy Story still used Higher res models and Ray Tracing which realtime engines still dont have. Yeah, physical based lighting is a thing now but not incredible in realtime, yet…

  2. Looks good but still PC is PC. Just bought Battlefield 1 for my Ps Pro and god it looks awful in multiplayer. Like game made for ps3. I remember playing this game on my PC with everything on ultra and it was different game and different experience. Lets be honest here, consoles sucks when it comes to graphics quality

  3. And you know what's awesome? This isn't even the finished product. There's tons of time for fine-tuning details (look how much 0.2 improved just between the first and second trailers) and I'm not sure they've even implemented the Kingdom Shader yet.

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