Kingdom Come: Deliverance Is An RPG For People Who Don’t Like Video Games

After a nine year development and a LOT of Kickstarted cash, Warhorse Studios’ ambitious medieval RPG is historically accurate and immersive as hell… it just can’t nail a single gameplay idea.

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37 thoughts on “Kingdom Come: Deliverance Is An RPG For People Who Don’t Like Video Games”

  1. Lads, it's a f**ing video game that you've CLEARLY known about for some time. I appreciate that you may not like it, but understand that it's meant to convey REALISM as best as it can, and you are NOT SUPPOSED TO BE ABLE to just pick up a sword and f** people up with it, especially ones that are trained to use a sword.

    Not every game needs to drop you into the action right away, much like not every great novel, TV show, or film blows its load in the beginning. Narratively, it makes sense. Jesus H Christ, your opinion's valued, but at least let it come from somewhere that's not just hating on something because you don't like it. Courses for horses.

  2. I think the problem will be if people go into this thinking is a traditional RPG; from everything I've seen I'd classify it more as a medieval simulation game.
    There is definitely a place for games like this but I think it's important to set up peoples' expectations correctly, especially if it's a game that seems to care more about realism than about making game play "fun".

    I play games to relax and have fun. I do not enjoy games that have survival elements or, in this case, a sharp focus on realistic actions and consequences for example. I just find them too stressful. I'm sure there are people out there that will absolutely adore this game and I hope it lives up to their expectations, but it's one I'm going to be skipping.

  3. I really like the idea of a hardcore immersive game, managing food, sleep, managing saves in a dark souls kinda of way…

    But the key to enjoying something that’s hardcore is that the game world and its rules are consistent.

    A hardcore game without that becomes an exercise in frustration. It sounds like this game is that.

  4. They seem to complain about the slow pacing of the game where everything takes a lot of time to accomplish even simple tasks but I think it is mostly because they're biased with the fantasy RPG that make traveling or anything really quick to respond to the player's eagerness, but the 1400s were not a time where anything could be done quickly just to send a message to someone required so long that people would rather walk immense distances to talk facebto face (which is why there were people whose only job were to go deliver verbal messages around the kingdoms). It would have been extremely innacurate for the developer to make it fast-paced. Also they mention often how the game seems mondaine which in all fairness doesn't make for a very interesting video game, but it is exactly what life in the 1400s felt like. If you were not a King or someone of power life was very boring and very long and you often died by your 40th anniversary since most doctors would not know how to treat pretty much anything.

  5. OMG this is the worst gaming review I've ever seen. Amateurs youtubers are better than you two….overgrowth teenagers, or wtf you are. especially the blond one, that face creeps me out . Go back licking Todd Howard's filthy ass.

  6. Lol you made a right tit of this one. This is why we miss the old team. It has nothing to do with anything else other than the content was sooo much better. I hope you guys see the light and get them all back. In the mean time I’m un subscribing for lack of effort. With out this channel you would all struggle in real life jobs hence the half arsed review of a game you couldn’t have played much of.

  7. Video in a nutshell :

    "Slow progression is bad. I want to be fast and OP right away."

    "Combat is frustrating because I can't get used to it. I recognise that combat would pick up but muh Oblivion"

    "I understand this game focuses on realism and I jumped down from a great height to debilitate myself because I don't understand how gravity works."

    "Muh magic and fantasy RPGs"

    "Only Bethesda games have lockpicking and pickpockets. It's totally not a common CRPG element in video games!"

    "Why isn't this Oblivion / Witcher!?" (Gee, I don't know, the devs have been marketing it as a realistic RPG since day one)

    "I've never seen limited saves in video games before and I have no idea how to manage saves."

    Some of their points weren't bad (Mostly stuff that revolves around the quality-of-life aspects of the game) but most others features a deep set irony of two people that probably has incredibly limited gaming experience themselves.

    Combat is frustrating to get used to but it's rewarding – I'd played the beta / demo releases and it's easy to get your ass handed over to you if you expect it to play like Bethesda's clicking sims.

    We've officially found the DSP of game impressions guys!

  8. I'll pass on this game for now anyway realism is nice and all and i,m sure some gamers will love it for that but for me i hate realism there,s no fun in it i like crazy magic games where i can use fire magic to turn the enemy into a pile of bones/ash lol. This does not mean i,ll never play this game i,m just going to wait a year or two for the game to get well polished and see if the'll add some things that will make the game more worth my time and money plus i have a bad feeling this game may flop like a fish in the next few months.

  9. I love how all the comments are defending the game and hating on their opinion, but everything they are saying is true, and are real criticisms that should be talked about. The game still needs some work, it could be a ton of fun, the game looks well made, but there are plenty of things that just don't work properly.

  10. It’s a game that’s based on historical fighting styles so obviously combat isn’t going to be fast paced same with everything else. It’s a historically accurate game so either you don’t understand what that means or you don’t have a clue what the game is.

    Played all weekend for 10 hours in total? You do a fucking YouTube channel with a lot of staff writing your scripts and editing yet that’s all you can manage yet other channels review after playing for a lot longer with all the other staff

  11. Lol these two guys…Citation: "We spend most of the weekend to play as much as posibble." 4 mins in video: "I put 6 hours in it and you 4". LOLOLOLOL. Zero information value based on other peoples videos. Noobs

  12. Shitty game impressions from noobs who want the game to be something that it's not while missing the entire point. Also 6-4 hours playtime while criticizing the games story for being slow and plodding lol. Quoting "It makes it a great game, but not for anyone with any gameplay experience" HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHA, "breathes" HAHAHAHAAHAHAAHAA. Go back to COD, Destiny and your other low IQ manchild instant gratification trash.

  13. Its always better to "Realism isn't my thing" rather than making it out like realism isn't a thing anyone likes. There have been many games that try to be as real as they can through the years. Especially recently.

  14. Yeah i kind of noticed the little breaks in immersion, just at points it mattered too.
    like that Zbyeck < whatever his name is knows you've been looting bodies even though he hasnt seen you

  15. i heard the tutorial is about 9 to 10 hours long. playing only 4 to 6 hours means you didn't even get to the full open world. Also it's not suppose to be a "Fantasy RPG" you idiots, that's not what they were going for. They were trying for realism.

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