The Witcher Video Game Storyline in 3 Minutes! | Video Games In 3

The world of The Witcher video games may have originated in a series of novels, but the games also have a pretty extensive story. Today, we’re going to try and cover the story of the games in just three minutes!

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PRODUCER: Rick Jones (SmashBits)▶
WRITER: AJ Bedenbaugh-Cortes
VO: James Oh Burn
ANIMATION: Sean Bodkin
EDIT: Matthew Herlinger
MUSIC: Epidemic Sound –
Fire Storm 2 – Fredrik Ekstrom
The Darkness – Anders Ekengren


42 thoughts on “The Witcher Video Game Storyline in 3 Minutes! | Video Games In 3”

  1. grate video but didnt ciri teleported to demention to stop the withe frost i dont remember eredin releasing it his last words were that avalach was double agent correct me if im wrong becuase i dont remember HIM exactly relasing the withe frost but hey im ot blaming you trying to explain 50h game play in 3 min (im talking only about the story its actual 300h gameplay) its almost imposibble and this is said from a guy who played the game 3 times

  2. The Eredin thing at the end is plain wrong and about 1/3rd of the information is simplified to the point where it's misleading and not representative.
    You could probably do 3mins per game without being misleading but you'd have to be pretty into the series and know much of the book originating subtext to make full sense of it. AKA this was probably as good as you can do it, doubt any youtubezer can afford the time and effort to get it all right.
    Someone like me could in a sense (played the games more than once, read all the books twice), but im not a youtuber thus probably cant write the script alone nor present it. Yes I'm nitpicking.. It was a pretty good effort.

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