Top 5 Most Existential Video Games 😱 | Played Out Ep. 1

These 5 video games will fill you with existential dread. Fun!


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28 thoughts on “Top 5 Most Existential Video Games 😱 | Played Out Ep. 1”

  1. this is good stuff. also, just be you dude. too many try-hard tubelords out there. you're smart, and you talk about good shit and make good points. hopefully super-deluxe isn't pushing trying to force it

  2. How did you make that racist, what I ask every SJW. Also number 5 isn't even a game and number 1 is weak. Also if a SJW shows number 1, does that make you a machinist? Comrade Berny is ashamed.

  3. Let this guy stay on, actual content presented in an interesting way (looking at you vloggers).

    Keep it up Theodore.

    p.s. Keep it weird, don't want no COD bullshit, I want crypt world's level stuff deserving of Super Deluxe

  4. Existensialism Games and Bioshock Infinite wasn't mentioned? Oh boy. Talk about a game that makes you feel like nothing you do will ever change the future and that everything is irrelevant. I like this segment though Super Deluxe, keep it coming.

  5. Gone Home is dogshit. Flat out dogshit.
    If that sister was hanging by a rope in the attic at the end it would have been kinda dope. Turns out she's just a lesbian that ran off with a lover. It's dogshit.

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