10 Games That Predicted The Future And Got It RIGHT

10 Times Games Accurately Predicted The Future

VIDEO GAMES PREDICT THE FUTURE. There are some video games that have scared gamers around the world by accurately predicting the future. Whether it was foretold in the scrolls or simply luck remains to be seen.

This is TheGamer’s list of 10 games that predicted the future and got it right!

Have you ever predicted the future?
Do you know of a video game that predicted the future and got it right?

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There is no doubt that our history has had plenty of crazy predictions like Nostradamus’ 2012 end of the world theory and the Y2K Bug. However, did we ever think to consider the video games we play every day could predict the future? Surely, these games were made before the events transpired so how could they know what was going to happen? Cartoons, films and now video games seem to be prophets and oracles for several events that have happened in the real world.

There have been plenty of predictions in video games ranging from crazy coincidental to eerily accurate. Some of these are older games, while others are fairly new. Stranger yet, many of these are set either in the near or far future and some futuristic scenarios are coming to fruition in interesting ways.

Deus Ex let us know about the economic worth of humans and the future prime minister of Canada. The Madden NFL franchise simulates the Super Bowl matchup every year and they absolutely nailed it one time. Homefront predicted the ascension of North Korea’s Kim Jong-un and the events that followed. Ghost Recon supposedly knew about a conflict between the Baltic states years before it happened. The rise of reality TV and HD TV was predicted by Smash TV and Final Fantasy 8 respectively. The Metal Gear franchise also predicted we would begin to use Algae as fuel and something even more eerily accurate than that. Without further ado, here are 10 games that predicted the future and got it right!


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33 thoughts on “10 Games That Predicted The Future And Got It RIGHT”

  1. I met Justin Trudeau in real life at a parade, and your comments about Canadians being different to Americans are bullcrap. I mean, hey, you're right when it comes to the fact that we are different, but we're better, not worse.

  2. I really enjoy The Gamer Videos. But two things!
    – First, 12:20 – Not so much of a prediction, as "Let’s make America great again" was Ronald Reagan's Slogan in 1980.
    – Second, 8:58 – How can you with your otherwise great audible presence pronounce names wrong in almost every single video? Hideo, Raiden, Miyamoto … Please, double check the pronunciation of names please before the record <3

  3. Ghost recon advanced warfighter: It's 2014 a civil war rages in Mexico, the United States is threatened by the rebel forces who have gathered along it's newly constructed border wall.

  4. 2022?I pictured a futuristic lively city in the northern mainland USA in the world of Minecraft set in that year,but yet a gain I also saw Herobrine rising up and causing mayhem and war in the multiverse(between the different worlds of games,movies and TV shows) around the same time,so I guess the game and I saw similar things…

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