7 Times Videogames Brutally Punished Us For Playing Dirty

Rob presents our list of 7 times videogames brutally punished us for playing dirty. Can you think of any examples we’ve missed? Tell us in the comments!

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33 thoughts on “7 Times Videogames Brutally Punished Us For Playing Dirty”

  1. Lol I remember when I tried to melee kill Flynn in chapter 24, uncharted 2, but when I tried, he countered me. I lmao-ed so hard! I tried it again and then he Flynn killed me. I was like: "MASTERPIECE!". It may have been because of the fact that I committed suicide (in game, duh ) after getting the trophy cosplay as Flynn, IDK.

  2. The RE4 one is new to me. That's so cool I never even thought to try it and that the developer took the time to animate it ROCKS.
    Skyrim. Break off a marriage and they keep all your good stuff. LOL

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