Bulletproof Pan? PUBG – Video Games vs. Reality

The popular FPS video game, Player Unknowns Battlegrounds, features the “Pan” that you can equip on your back to block and deflect every bullet from every gun in the game! Would this idea work in reality?
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42 thoughts on “Bulletproof Pan? PUBG – Video Games vs. Reality”

  1. I’ve done this as well, and must have had a much better pan. I shot it with 5.56 green tip, 7.62×39 out of my sks, and a 40s&w with no penetration w/ Two rounds from each gun.

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  3. That’s the cheapest cast iron pan you could have bought. Get a nice heavy duty cast iron pan and I bet (well, I actually know for a fact) that it’ll stop a lot more bullets than you’d think. However if you shoot enough bullets at it it will eventually break. Even from bullets that didn’t penetrate at first. But it does block most bullets once or twice before giving.

  4. get a real cast iron pan not a selumin chinese crap. For all the idiots out there,first reilroads was made outta cast-iron of a premium cvolety, some of the bath tabs in an old buildings are made of a good cvolety CI, of course it's not a bullet proof, but realy hard to penetrate and way better than that lousy pen in the video.

  5. try one of the older cast iron pans. I got some from my grandpa and theyre over half an inch thick. Also very heavy idk if i would hang one from my belt in a shtf situation but id have it for cooking. Great vid

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