Elon Musk’s Forgotten Career In Video Games

Back in 1994 Elon Musk was another new graduate in Silicon Valley doing whatever work he though would be interesting, this lead him to work with ‘Rocket Science Games’ who at the time thought the future of gaming would be build around live action cutscenes, I’m so glad they were wrong.
His 2 game credits are
Loadstar: The Legend of Tully Bodine
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs: The Second Cataclysm

You can also play a web browser version of Blastar, a game with about the same level of gameplay as these epic CDROM productions, but without the production values.


31 thoughts on “Elon Musk’s Forgotten Career In Video Games”

  1. Woa, i remember playing CD demos of all 3 of these games, back in the day (Loadstar, Cadillacs & Dinos, Rocket Jockey)
    I had no idea Elon Musk worked on all of them.

    And like everyone else, i had no idea what i was doing in Loadstar, lol.

  2. I loved the older C&C games with their FMV cutscenes, Heavy Gear as well. But if by FMV genre you mean games where the majority of player interaction was watching FMVs, then yes, I'm glad those never really stayed around.

  3. Fun stuff! Didn't know about any of that.

    On another topic, do you think an Olympic Shot-Putter could put a Shot into orbit around the Moon IFF the Olympics were to be held on the Moon? Ski Jumping anyone?

  4. ROCKET JOCKEYS! Seriously?! I loved that game! Man, I haven't played that in like 20 years! Somebody absolutely NEEDS to make a new one. It's the perfect game for the modern multiplayer/streaming climate; it's a blast to watch, is a combination of skill with the equalization of lucky "lol, rekt!" moments, and it's the kind of thing where you can pick it up and know what you're doing almost immediately, but the complexity and nuance of gameplay ramps up ridiculously high. (There's all sorts of tricks you can do with the grapples.)

  5. A lot of games are still made with a heavy accent on cutscenes, they've added QTE. Conversations that are going on for too long can also be considered cutscenes imo.
    Like adventure games by Telltale Games, Until Dawn, Beyond: Two Souls.. many games are jokingly being called interactive movies nowadays..

  6. You would think that game developers have realized cutscenes are not gameplay. But then you have stuff like quicktime events and crap.

    On a positive note. The more modern attempts on FMV games seems pretty darn decent compared to what came out in the 90's. But it still niche and will likely stay that way.

  7. I thought Tomb Raider (2013) and its "press X now" interactive cut scenes were pretty good. Not a replacement for actual game-play, but makes the necessary cut scenes more interesting.

  8. 1984 I received 45 dollars for a basic game. It was a choose your own adventure style game. that was the end of my programing. I always had a difficult time wrapping my head around the whole thing. Now I just resolve network and Linux problems. Yea me!

  9. I dont think its a coincidence that so many modern big space-oriented names have a history in gaming.
    Rightfully so, even.

    Video games stimulate and manifest the imagination far better than any other medium ever invented by mankind. <3

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